Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When I come to think about it, I find that freedom is a "movement" that most of us find ourselves slaves to more than it being true freedom in itself. Freedom in essence is "no fear". Any thing/action/thought that can be categorized under fear is not a result of true and ultimate freedom. Of course the very nature of freedom is that you are free to do as you would. So there isn't any possibility of defining it within its definition. You have to have an outside look into freedom and only then can you expect a fair "judgment" of freedom.

Now from that perspective, it is not a thing that if judged will prove anything worthwhile after such an analysis. So the best way to look at it is if it serves our purpose only. Then if it is indeed limiting our potential and we choose to believe that is not delimiting yet then the most that human power and responsibility can do towards such a situation is let one figure for him/herself how we wishes to benefit from the availability, profitability and usage of the freedom that he has taking all this into consideration, there is one last thing to be said before this topic can be closed. Freedom taken is not freedom taken out of the freedom that is there to take but rather freedom taken that we wish to or are bold to take, if I may use the word. There is no store house or limitation to freedom. There are no rules. The only governing factor to "usage" of freedom is that a weaker intention/mind is overpowered by a stronger intention/mind. If I would, to take a example, be more grounded in my freedom usage, then you would say that I have "achieved more" in freedom than you have and hence I am more free I would call it being "successfully free"-when I have made use of it the way I need to expand the person of who I am and else that is because I am who I am. There is always a first time for everything and every idea starts somewhere.

Even if there is a binding law of functioning on how to use freedom, it would serve to no profitable end. The only thing we can do is most importantly figure out that that is the person of you and me…nail it down…and use freedom the way you & I know it to be wholly and fully that with no holds barred.

Use what you can and what you have available to realize yourself. Modify and change till you achieve realizing yourself. If you have not yet, keep trying to get closer and closer to it. No effort should be in vain, no time be wasted, no moment regrettable, no second passing away to fast for you to muster.

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