Thursday, March 25, 2010


Piracy is one of the biggest issues that the entertainment industry faces today. We talk about buying original releases in support of the artiste when the artiste makes profit living off the millions they make with their work. The fundamental questions asked from both sides is as follows:

1. Why should a CD or a book be sold for 5 – 10 times (and sometimes more) of its original cost price when if it sold for less than twice its original cost it can be made into a good profit exercise

2. Why should not an artiste get his due when the returns on a work of his are high and when it is the price that is worth the genius of the person taking in to consideration the process that involved coming up with work?

Analyzing the first question is the high pricing of the established artiste. Why should the bigger you get have you get such a huger of a price when (to be absolutely honest) it more than a tad too much? I mean if the production of a book or CD costs way less than they are usually priced, then why aren’t they simply charged as much with the usual profit that should be?

1) It makes the same enjoyable to the average listener who won’t be able afford otherwise.

2) It also makes the music much more accessible (read more business friendly and thus cash inflow‘ing’)...Now analyzing the second question is that the artiste most of the time spends a great deal of time in pre preparation – both mental, talent and physicalwise. Also an average singers or writers schedule is amazingly stressful – the tours, the early mornings, the almost more than 24 hour daily shifts. From that side of the opinion, it is not all about the glamour. No wonder they find solace in such erroneous lifestyles. In that opinion, it is justifiable. The glamour is not what it’s all about when they crash into bed after a hard days work. Actually glamour is what people make of it and their money shakers take advantage of. Most of the time they don’t care how much they make or they don’t. They just want to do their thing.

Moreover it (read music/books/whatever else you can think of) shouldn’t be exclusive so price shouldn’t really be an issue but if price on something often determines the kind of people who are involved in it and you wouldn’t want to disco at a Parikrama concert, ask unnecessary questions because you don’t get the point of the movie while watching it in a theatre or sit down and mope at a disc would you? So I guess eventually those who know what it means only pay for it and thereby maintain its sanctity.

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