Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty lies in...?!!!!!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder - goes the saying and indeed it does. What seems beautiful to you is not always beautiful to everybody else at all times. While there are some unanimous decisions by a majority of people, there are some opinions of beauty which are totally polar in nature. What is just a few turns and twists of paint to the “naked” eye to some is the ultimate expression of colour and shade to the others. What are odds and ends (or seemingly odds and ends) pieced together into an amazing concoction of colour that makes an amazing display is just random stuff that somebody that pieced together and called it “art”. This divide is largely undefinable and if it were defined the whole point of art itself would go down the drain. It is beautiful within its difference of opinion, I say, and I think most agree with me when I say this.

All of these expressions come from experiences, sights and sounds that inspire artists, writers etc. to come up with them. These sights and sounds come from the world that we live in. Depending on which part of the world that we are in, different symbols are relevant, associated and linked with other emotions experiences and other icons that dominate our world.

Allow me to draw your perception of beauty, in whichever sense, towards a tangent to this concept. There is a kind of beauty that goes way beyond this mere artistic approach – one that is not really an art in a sense but one that is intrinsic to this world when in its best form. One that is not really a thing you may choose to like or not like but is like when the pieces of a puzzle come together. Those moments when you end up celebrating family and you didn’t really intend to. When one of life’s mysteries unfold itself and it all just comes together. Exactly when the stuff of all forms and sizes, all just comes together – when it didn’t seem like it would ever and it makes that complete picture. Exactly like the pieces of a puzzle.

In utopian terms, when all men become one indeed or in other terms when at least a few men become one – on whatever terms.

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