Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Politics of Humility

To have a man say he wants not for himself and believe him is a hard thing nowadays. It is normal for a man to help only after he gets what his is, or what he needs first. It is even more normal for a man to do something for you and only do it unless he gets something out of his effort – even if it costs him nothing. Why it should I have no clue, but it does. Even if the time he invests would be wasted anyway, it still needs to have a payback. It has become some sort of a sub-conscious psychological rule in our heads to ask what we have to gain from it and make that the criteria for anything that we do that we don’t really need to do or gain from.

So much so, when someone indeed makes an indeed considerate offer, we tend to question what seems to be his motive. I don’t doubt that that might indeed be the case that he/she has a selfish motive. But it just may also be so that he doesn’t. It is in all probability true that he has no clue why he is asking what something to gain from the whole exercise.

In that case, you shouldn’t trust anyone for your life – except of course those whom you know to love you regardless. Thank God for family J Down the line when we are on our own feet even that doesn’t hold good. We get our own concerns to keep regardless, once life and responsibility get a hold of you.

Yes, there are people who sincerely practice the politics of humility and it is difficult to judge whether they are indeed in it for something to get or whether they really want to be of what help they may. We can choose to not risk it and go along with our own means – a reliable man (or woman) is usually made up of his own. But it is only a reliable man or woman who is made up of his own who can afford to start to have the politics of humility, to offer, to have something to offer in the first place. We all need our kicks and, of course. And sometimes, we really don’t have a choice but to hope. We can either hope or give in to the cruelty of the predicament. You may be a fool to hope but if you give in, you get out with nothing either way. You may as well get out and with something or at least hope to, while you hope to at least last till the end and after.

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