Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scream 5

Scream, if it makes you feel better
Scream, it takes the load off your shoulders
Scream, and shatter someone else's world
Scream, even if they only fit in obscure
Just scream

Scream, because answers will then come running
Scream, because the Universe is not yet listening
Scream, the world owes you
Scream, it may just pay up if you scream yourself hoarse

Scream, your concern's not top of agenda
Scream, it works better than any propoganda
Scream, it's the best way to make your point
That you're not happy and it's not only you it haunts
Just scream

Scream, cause reason's no logic
Scream, because your plight's way too tragic
Scream, they're all blind to your spotlight
Scream, they'll atleast see that you've got the hotlight
Just scream

Scream, because nobody else gives a damn
Scream, because their fear will make them scram
When you scream
Scream, you haven't got what you deserve yet
Scream, you haven't lived up to your purpose to serve yet
Just scream

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