Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ants up whose pants?

There's an understanding: the people who have problems are the people with the problems. The others don't have problems. Basically, if you are the one with the problem, ants are up your ass, not anybody else's. The other people, even if they have do have problems, understand them well enough to not allow any ants up theirs that they would want to complain about and move to make it a non-problem.

In India, freedom is a flag we like to wave - especially the freedom to protest. Actually more the freedom to get what's(at least what we claim to be) ours. It's like this. You take what's mine. I sit and demand it back in a peaceful democratic manner, despite knowing your actual plan from the very beginning. I knew you had an evil plan but couldn't pounce on you and catch you redhanded yet. Before I knew it, thanks to your evil plan, I lost something that's mine. Now knowing your evil plan, not having taken action and having lost something that was mine, I am left helpless and can only do what ends up being a token protest. Little do I realise that the authority I am protesting to has been rigged by you, unless of course I am protesting directly to you.

Now this being case, we must ascertain who the fools are here. I, who caught the bait and is hooked on to it while everything goes according to plan for you, or you, not realising that I give you the opportunity to work your plan and can choose when I wish to make that a non-possibility?

My take: the former. The latter is usually above reproach to people to whom he successfully subdues. But we must be thankful that there are at least some strongholds of justice that work left for the former to approach - unless too much damage is already done or if any repair will completely redundant. At least society-at-large gains cognizance of these things and grows to take steps to get rid of them.

Now if you are the former, and you are victimised, here's a solution for you. The thumb rule: if the guy ran you over, he doesn't care for justice. If he needed to run over you for something you had/have, you can pull the plug on his act by not being available. If he has already used you enough and action will be useless, you can show someone he has used how to pull the plug on him.

The catch

You have smaller more important existential affairs that need taking care off. You need to survive the moment before you can use it. The tragedy is that, by then, it ends and this cycle carries on for each moment thereon.

In the light of the monumental tragedies of injustice to you, your existence is primary. Once you realise the effort that will make it easier and not a choice inbetween the two, you'd think again.

That's the trap of thinking he's got you into. So when you eventually raise your hand in protest, it becomes a token protest.

The solution:

Pull the rug under him. Which rug you ask? You. Do it once. You'd start realising he needs you and your cooperation quietly - which also means a happy you so that there always remains a rug under him. If he can't have you happy, he'll have you bound and tied. That's when you realise why he needs you so much. He can't steal what he has from you. He needs you to constantly give it to him, over and over again. That's when you should just stop doing it. He will threaten you, as always, but you know better. The maximum of a dozen more threats and he'd be forced to let you call the shots. He needs you more than you actually fear him. Like the classic case of the king who rules a nation of giants with an iron hand until of course the giants realise they always were bigger than him.

There's a cycle prevalent that the Universe runs on. He just tries to circumvent the cycle. He can't, unless you allow him to. You hold the power against your abuse. Trust the cycle to disfunction when abused. Play it cool, as much as you want him to succumb.

Let the ants remain up his pants and away from yours. Take away your fire from his belly. Trust the circle. Leave him to the ants.

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