Thursday, September 6, 2012

The sad tale of John & Sarah II

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So now, John had gotten used to being sad and gloomy. He said, "You stick with certain things that you know you won't find round just any corner." Alas, there he was walking down the road. Looking down at the road, he started kicking the odd loose stone from the tar that hit his floater sole. He was stunned. After all, he had jumped in with a pin tightening his nostrils when he wouldn't even do that while diving into a real pool of water. All he could do was kick those loose stones off the road. If he didn't find any, the sorrow just got deeper.

His mind could not fathom why Sarah was so. Now really, concern about anything is shown in action, and isn't some weird mystical telepathy that two people enjoyed. It played out in communication, conversation, response and, most importantly, the true joy of knowing that two people celebrated. Apparently, this instance was an exception, but with the perks of not being one. How that privilege was attained, no one knew - but it was enjoyed. If anyone knew, and could explain that, only Sarah could, but she had left John's fate to be absorbed by the loose stones that he kicked off the tar on the road he was spending his gloom and sorrow on. Oh the sad tale that builds as a result breaks his heart. Of what what ill deserves he this? Pray tell, not his plunge with a pinned nose?                   

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