Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Beast Called Society: Not Another War Please

Society is an animal and breeds as it does, and ruthless it is as well. It's difficult when you are society to act unsocietylike and here starts the tragedy. As a bunch of human beings capable of much intelligence, when we live together, we self-establish an order - one that can be representative of any single or sum of our characteristics. Hate greed, love, care, respect, value, control, freedom... the list goes on. Strangely, we have less control than we think over them. We start reacting to our world faster than we gain control over our reactions. It's a sort of a self-protecting mechanism that doesn't really add up to anything worthwhile almost all of the time.

More than just a bunch of people, we're individuals first - sort of the basic unit of that bunch. Being the pieces of that bunch, we'd have to start considering the pieces first, and after that, what the bunch ends up being made of. As individuals, we are all, in our early stages (and in most further vibrant stages of life), in this process of growth. It's a dynamic stage where typically we don't fall back on previous moments but keep discovering and learning new things and perspectives to add to our previous repertoire of things and perspectives. All in all, it makes us better people, or at least should. That seems to be the idea behind the process.

I'll call it a war, not because it's violent, but because it rages on inside and it healthily must. That's how we develop and grow. It contains the life in us and of us. Without it, we are lifeless. Without it, society's self-protecting mechanism rules over all, and we serve society. But think again. Society is us. You, me and everybody else who make that bunch. There is no other entity that we serve other than ourselves. Even if were acting selfish in doing that, there is no one else/no other purpose we can possibly serve. So, this order can have one effective purpose only: to serve us - the sum of individuals with healthy wars raging inside pushing us on to newer realms of existence, experiences and understanding. But society's self-protecting mechanism does nothing but give you another war to fight that contradicts the first one, besides this one. It's like a monster unleashed, that has no soul, that deprives you of any. It makes us slaves to it and it has no master. It's not the case that your own war is any easier. It's not one you fight, but nonetheless, it takes enough energy out of you for you to worry about dealing with another one. It also takes the fun out of making the best of the process. 

Perhaps it's not a monster at all. Perhaps it's non-existent and is really just us - set in motion, wound up like toys and let go which is why we think there may be a monster. But then, there must be somebody who did the winding. No one we can see yet. So, as we speak, we greatly fear this beast called society which will cut our head off and exile us into oblivion if we don't conform to it. It will be interesting to notice that we fit in to that fear bubble very easily as if it's the way of life to be. I wonder why a numbed sense is more worthy a virtue than numb-free living.        

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