Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Theory: We all do what we must – by compulsion or by choice.

All that we ever do falls under two categories:

What is our choice (i.e who we are)
What is not our choice (i.e not who we are)

If we don't do what is our choice, we end up doing what is not our choice.

Stipulation 1:

When we do what is our choice, we choose to be compelled to do it because that is who we are, lest we end up banging our head on the wall.

When we do what is not our choice, we are compelled to choose to do what is not who we are and we end up banging our head on the wall.

Stipulation 2:

When we do what is not our choice and we can afford the option to do what is our choice, we end up banging our head on the wall.

When we do what is not our choice and we can't afford the option to do what is our choice, we have a reason for banging our head on the wall.

So, how do we avoid banging our head on the wall? Knowing who we are and doing that.

Stipulation 3:

When we do not know who we are, we choose to be compelled to do what is not our choice.

We must figure out who we are indeed and give ourselves the liberty to choose to be compelled to do what is our choice.

In short, we do what we must, by compulsion or by choice. Everybody does, by default. How we work with the rule makes our life such that we don't end up banging our head on the wall.

In between choosing to do what is our choice (who we are) and being compelled to do what is not our choice (who we are not), we should also realize that we need to maintain our sanity.

While we, sometimes, survive on doing what is not our choice, we must make sure we survive long (and strong) enough to get to enjoy being who we are when we can afford to. Therefore, we should do what we must, by compulsion or choice – for our own good.

P.S:- An alternative name to the theory is the Ensuring No Sleeplessness Theory.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty lies in...?!!!!!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder - goes the saying and indeed it does. What seems beautiful to you is not always beautiful to everybody else at all times. While there are some unanimous decisions by a majority of people, there are some opinions of beauty which are totally polar in nature. What is just a few turns and twists of paint to the “naked” eye to some is the ultimate expression of colour and shade to the others. What are odds and ends (or seemingly odds and ends) pieced together into an amazing concoction of colour that makes an amazing display is just random stuff that somebody that pieced together and called it “art”. This divide is largely undefinable and if it were defined the whole point of art itself would go down the drain. It is beautiful within its difference of opinion, I say, and I think most agree with me when I say this.

All of these expressions come from experiences, sights and sounds that inspire artists, writers etc. to come up with them. These sights and sounds come from the world that we live in. Depending on which part of the world that we are in, different symbols are relevant, associated and linked with other emotions experiences and other icons that dominate our world.

Allow me to draw your perception of beauty, in whichever sense, towards a tangent to this concept. There is a kind of beauty that goes way beyond this mere artistic approach – one that is not really an art in a sense but one that is intrinsic to this world when in its best form. One that is not really a thing you may choose to like or not like but is like when the pieces of a puzzle come together. Those moments when you end up celebrating family and you didn’t really intend to. When one of life’s mysteries unfold itself and it all just comes together. Exactly when the stuff of all forms and sizes, all just comes together – when it didn’t seem like it would ever and it makes that complete picture. Exactly like the pieces of a puzzle.

In utopian terms, when all men become one indeed or in other terms when at least a few men become one – on whatever terms.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


A perfectly good illustration of how ones selfishness can unharmful is this........if you have an elder brother/sister, if you are the bossy kind of elder brother/sister....let us assume that it is his duty (household chore) to get milk for the morning......now say it is around 9:30 one particular evening....you call up home from work saying that you will be there in ten minutes(you are already late)......you tell your younger brother/sister to keep the food hot.....since momand dad will be back home from outstation there will not be at home on that evening in question....before you put the phone down asking him if the milk is brought.....he says no...you sternly remind him to get it right away beause the shop closes at ten(because there is only half an hour left)....he says he will....not to worry........you reach home in ten minutes and he hasn't bought it yet so you tell him to...he says he would be leaving in a few moments time....the time is now 9:42.....you push him onto get it right away repeatedly reminding him that the shop closes at ten....you get frustrated because he seems to ignore the urgency of the situation.....eventually he leaves at 9:55 and walks in the house with the milk in his hand at ten sharp....now let's take an analysis of the situation.......his job is to see that milk is there in the morning so that when your mother gets up in the morning she has milk to make tea with.......now the shop is two minutes away...so all it would take for him to get the milk is four and a half minutes(five if he chooses to ealk slowly)......whatever he time he leaves to get the milk as long he leaves at 9:55 you have milk in the morning....your mother has milk to make tea with...and you get tea without having to worry if milk will be there or not...thereby everybody goes home happy......the moral learnt here is that there is eventually something that we get out of everything we do...in this case it was the "extra" twenty five minutes that the younger brother/sister took to get the milk.....it is not wrong to deny one his happiness and inturn live happily together getting along with each other...nobody gets hurt.....the conclusion...if someone's action can be termed "selfish" at a given point of time, as long it doesnt hurt anyone and put things out of cycle it not wrong and should be allowed for better functioning.......to give you should have to give...even jesus when he gives he does not say give and be gone if you wish to...rather he says take but be warned lest you misuse it you will accountable for its every moments use..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of breaking down walls and such...

We all build walls around us. They give us a standing that makes the ground they enclose home. Sometimes the walls also give us security. When healthy, they imply there are some things that we protect ourselves from but which is not necessarily a bad thing. We have things that we protect in response to our pride in what we believe and stand by. They determine our grounding and solidarity to the cause(s) that we choose to live our lives for and toward.

But the world doesn't stop at where we our walls take root. There is loads out there that we won't ever see, hear, taste and enjoy. A lot of it, we never ever will get to, some we might be privileged to. What we can be sure of though is that the ones that we are indeed privileged to see, hear, taste and enjoy, in the longrun, are the ones that we allow ourselves to. Not all of that is in our control all the time. Once we realise the loads that is out there, a lot more of what we privilege ourself to be a part of is in our control, primarily in our attitude towards it.

"How", one may ask? I am no expert on the matter and I know nobody who is. There is no privilege manual. If they were, it wouldn't be a privilege at all to follow the manual, leave alone make the privileges thereof a joy indeed. What comes to mind is a poem I wrote on the subject...

Complacency is no virtue
The world's so huge and wide.
There are many things to see and know and many to keep by your side.
You may have been given it all.
That's why it sounds so unimpressive
But I promise that if you make an effort to understand,
You will be able to look at the world in a way that will make all things passing by
Containing an element of wonder which you would enjoy,
Making that aspect of the world and the people thereof happy
Because they find happiness in sharing their joy
And because that is wherein happiness lies.

I suggest that we define our boundaries well - walls or no walls. I also suggest that if we have walls, we keep an eye of things that are outside them. I would not suggest it as a regimen. I don't promise that the colour I speak of will be brighter by a drastic degree. It may be very bleak but yet it is a peek (or peak) outside your walls just the same. You don't have to expand your boundaries to allow all of it in either. Criticize it if you must. Watch it pass by, if your heart inclines you too. Bend down and touch with your heart and soul, if it so calls.

Actually, I suggest that we don't have walls at all, as much as we can allow the fears to not have them subside because it only gives you perspective - a whole lot more. Take what you will and leave the rest. Take as much as you're inclined and leave what you don't fancy. Bookmark what you like but maybe don't have the time to check out. Do check it out when you have the time.

Let it driven by a fascination from inside - only because such a fascination is indeed there, not because it simply should be there. If the world and life in all it's colour does not interest you where you stand right now, may the point of this piece of writing be kept for a later date when it will. A lot depends on the world that you have been taught and the walls that are or are not built enclosing that world. So while it is good to teach those whom you are responsible for, in small, big, moral and obligatory ways, things that are good, also do teach them why it must be good and why all else must be as bad. We must realise something being a little bad means it has a lot more good in it - bad being not good, after all . Life with or without perspective is one of the things that start when we know life as we know it - as young aged as we may be.


These days the interest in people’s lives who live their lives in public (mostly the glamorous ones), in what they do, who they see, who they are with and what they are upto is high. Finally the celebrity culture has reached India (by the way not only thing that India imported from the west and not the worst that we will see in days to come). And what’s more not only is it a plain who’s doing what with who and where but it’s also going beyond and invading the personal space of these people.

Now the thing is that as we much we question and speculate about these things - what is true and what’s not (for all it’s worth even they wouldn’t have a clue) – none of these celebrities have a reason to keep the whole world informed of what they do, who they see, who they are with and what they are upto. So if they refuse to tell or keep mum on the issue if it is out, that is no indication that they is some dirty secret which they don’t want the world to know. It is just that just like you and me (and those who do everything under sun to sneak around them and ‘catch the gossip’) they too are living their lives and doing their thing

If they see some guy/girl somewhere and they get that urge to talk to him because he/she is cute and then the next thing that we know is that every other photo of them is one with them both holding hands, then it is absolutely normal. If they are seen constantly in someone else’s arms, it means that they’ve found love and they need the privacy to enjoy just like anybody else would. If they click with someone(s) then it is absolutely naturally to see them hanging out more - isn’t that what you would do if you did or were you too busy hooked onto the latest dirt from tinsel town. It’s nobody’s business what you’d be or are doing in your bedroom and it sure is no business of yours what they are doing in their bedrooms with who or in any other room(s) for that matter.

So the next time you hear of or see a ‘scandal’ give yourself a reality check and go and live your life to the fullest and let these guys be. So cheers Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Miley Cyrus, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon...


Lawmakers in our nation are not the ideal kinds one can say. Many a time they have showed us how they can be even more detrimental the system of laws in this country. The irony is that despite all the commotion that they bring about, they actually keep the little that works working. But what is very depressing especially since they are people who are a level in the society where they can really say one word and in instigate more than ten times the consequence that the word would normally get done.

But they too – one may say because of their own vested interests, some may say because of petty mindedness – act like they absolutely have no social responsibility despite being the lawmakers of the land. It’s one thing to say that it’s absolutely to fight over petty issues with hand and foot and sometimes with whatever they can find which they can pick and use.

Sometimes you’d think that the core issue here is pride. Just like corners or main centres of culture they represent and the people who live in these areas, they could be proud about a small part of Indian culture that is really small (with all due respect) in light of the combined culture of the land. So their right to being given that voice – a small little voice (with all due respect again) – may not be totally addressed or may not really be something that counts (again with all due respect).


We in India pride ourselves in our culture so much that we don’t allow any outside influence to come in and say that one who does is going against Indian culture and go to the extent of beating him up, burning him or killing him. But what we miss is that culture if and when relevant to the practical daily life of the people to whom it should be will never be a area of insecurity. It will rather give you a sense of security and hope and make you feel comfortable with the life you lead, things you do and people you are with.

The western world on the other hand is somewhere you don’t find people really having this culture struggle. Most people live within the practical domains of their culture – they do what it tells them to almost most days of their lives. One great difference between the cultures of India and the west is primarily that a lot of the culture in Europe is elitist yet reachable to by the average person. Things that rule culture in Europe are things like wine, cheese, chocolate, fruit, cakes, baked stuff, food and the likes. This kind of typical European delicacy is ‘accessible’ to everybody. You’d walk into a top restaurant and eat a delicious delicacy that looks like the kind of stuff that you’d get only in a five star hotel and then you’d come to know that’s as delicious when served otherwise in any other home. You’d taste a rural French wine and think “Man, this is prime stuff” but if you look closely enough it’s almost like water in its native land.

Here in India, the ideal native delicacy is maybe a paneer mattar, tandoori chicken or some mughlai taste dish. And if you had a guest at home that’s what you would take him or her to. For an exquisite taste of India, you’d rather have them eat it at a top class Indian restaurant than the local roadside dhaba, the roadside adda or the upahar down the road. Bhelpuri from the roadside stall or some yummy golas would be your otherside snack time but that’s not where you’d take someone to impress them your native food – you’d rather have them taste a ‘cleaner’ version of it.

If you were on tour in Germany and you were to stop by at a local farmer’s, you’d see them dressed all smart in traditional attire proud of their jobs and lives and also well enough to do. The same scenario in India will be one in which the farmer is wearing clothes that he can barely afford and living in a hut wishing he’d have a job in the city.

So wake up people. Now I don’t mean that your culture is not worth anything at all. If it lasted long enough to be called a culture then there’s something in it in the way you know it that is gone a miss. So if that is the case and you still hanging on because you know it to be true then it must be true if it is. So find out what has gone a miss. But if it don’t work, it ain’t worth it.

A say on the Left stand the UPA during 2004 - 2009

Everybody needs an identity – something that he or she stands for stands by and fights for. When you look into whole need for one to have something like this which he has to religiously stick to for his own peace of mind, you see that when he comes to the point in his life that he asks himself what his identity is. But all the years that he spent not having to ask that got him into a mould that his unconscious mind ceremoniously followed which already became his identity. Now this question comes along as to what this identity means to him and he can’t really throw his present identity as he needs – all the more having known one all his life so far. So he sticks to his guns maybe till until later when he realises that he is not what his identity tells him to be having subsequently figured out an alternative.

This is the dilemma that usually happens with most people in search for their destiny and purpose in life and they are brought with a set way of functioning, thinking etc. But what is the deeper issue is why we are so dependent on one? The only reason that comes out of the mess is that we are brought up in a manner in which we are that we need to be in control and that you got to be on the top of your game. But no one knows what is he going to see whether, it will make him a different man or not, what new things he will discover – that in addition to the fact life is bigger than us. It knows more than we ever possibly can in our lifetimes and is intricately woven so that each life completes many others while benefitting the achievement of its own purpose of existence.

Now this absolutely natural phenomenon happens as a result of which we don’t give life a chance to show us the way which is perfectly our own prerogative. But what we over do and convert into the unreasonable fight for ideology is the necessity of what we believe in. While one can always believe what he or she wants to if even he is wrong there is the reality check that you get at ground reality.

Everybody has to have at least two square meals a day, a roof over their head, some sense of security that they will have what they need and more. If you don’t have these two things, you just can’t survive and without these, ideologies won’t get you far. If you really want to follow your ideologies to the death and you don’t mind dying for them any moment now, be my guest.

But if you really want to do something worthwhile with your life and maybe just lend a helping hand in the process, then get real, your enemy is not so much you enemy because all of life is about how you benefit each other by doing which you automatically benefit yourself (not that’s for everyone involved in the process) in the process living in harmony with the other. If you want to think that somebody or something has ulterior motives then you may but if somebody does have it’s because they are exactly like you in their thinking, motives and ideology but for a different cause which may or may not be beneficial to your cause. At the end of the day is the end result that counts. It makes all that you do successful or not. Not only on paper does it count but also with the fact that some good has come out of the effort. Moreover you can’t really love something properly without first loving yourself and your interest in the matter. If you don’t then and still pursue it, you have absolutely no clue what it is all about


The IPL bug has gone - for a while now at least – and before you know it people might come up an even worse concoction of 20:20. But we know that post all the hype, we will have to get back to the good old one day and test form of cricket which any day is more wholesome than an IPL match. Now that the craze is over, it’s seems to be apt to talk about the lessons learnt from this whole episode.

1) Any other cricket match would not gather in the scores of crowds if it were not in the IPL format of entertainment package but then again what amount cricket did we really see is the question. What cricketing in India stands to gain from the IPL is nothing. The crowds will filter away and the true cricket fans will remain. And what a better start to the normal good old 50 overs game season - an India – Pakistan match that India wins!!!

2) While the money was always the name of the game, there was no issue with the guys pouring in the money before the IPL came because cricket was most culpable among most Indian sport to fall in that frame. But with the IPL all but the money that was really needed and much more (as opposed to a just a tad more in the regular 50 over test season) was bringing people who had made it much more of an interest than just the cricket – the cheerleaders, laser stuff, Bollywood attendance yada yada. While all this happened people who stood by the whole concept insisted that it was being done in the name of entertainment (which only helped add value to the game which brought in another market totally) but the brand, the logo, the entertainment, the stars and everything else but the game was given importance as assessed by the wise before the concept eventually took form. The game was played to drive home what will not stand by the game in India

after the hype passed (the hype has passed now and you can evaluate for yourselves the situation)

3) Cricket is not about hitting sixes and fours all over the place. Ofcourse if you do most of the time, then you are good. But then the reason why Dravid is an established name in world cricket is not because he hit sixes and fours all through his career. He is not called THE WALL for no reason at all. He made a career out of his style of batting. So did Ganguly, Tendulkar, Kumble....no T20 season will ruin their careers because T20 is not what made them and by what standards they strut their stuff.

4) Moreover and lastly it was not about really who was good and who wasn’t or whether or not talent was well scouted for equally importantly all over the country. It was only about a) limiting spending strategies to the little that the enlarged audience knew (what and who) about cricket b) who had the dough could spend as much which is why you saw money falling out of their pockets billionaires Ambani and Vijay Mallya being star campaigners apart from Bollywood most ever at the moment crorepati SRK and the ever bubbly Preity Zinta who had the side of her even more richer partner Ness Wadia.

All in all, I must agree that we had fun though and let it be understood that cricket is what it was when it was the way it was and will not be a game to play if we keep on reducing over at per side per match at our own whim and fancy.


There have been numerous cases in India about the rights of people given to another people who originally had it. Some say that it belongs to their community many centuries back and what not. This is the case with the Babri Mosque, the now going on Amarnath issue etc. Some cases which borrow from this funda are the Telangana, North East freedom struggles, the struggle for a separate state in Punjab and the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

While there are many things that have to be taken into consideration including the sentiments of the people and the practical requirements and needs of the people in the area at hand, one overriding factor is not being understood. The basic factor when it comes to any of these cases is one very simple thing that is as fair as fair can get – Give to him that which is his.

While one considers sentiments and all that, one should take into consideration that anything taken from another community, person, family or group partially or fully causes an imbalance to dependents on it. Years spent into cultivation of a cultural, property or traditional asset can’t just be taken away in the name of justice. One may say that you have to grow and take into consideration the change in times and facilitate for the most good of the people that depend on it.

But what you cannot discount under any circumstance is that when years, decades and centuries have gone in to establishment of certain things, you cannot just tear them away the community, person, family or groups that have been beneficiaries of them. History may not be fair to everybody and it’s a pure shame that you can’t turn back time or cry over spilt milk effectively.

The best way forward at times is to be the one who gives way. Somebody has to give way at times when there is just no option. At these times, it’s not the government being impartial to someone and partial t the other but again the government doing the ‘justest’ thing possible. Any of their accusers wouldn’t do any better.


While riots have been raging in Orissa, there has been as much less said about it as much as it is going on. While any other rioting situation is overly reported in the news with loads of inconclusive news hours, it seems that one of the most grievous situations in our country at present is being grossly ignored by the biggest players in the media and by the government itself.

One may call this statement that of a ‘crazy’ Indian Christian who stands up for his belief but any one well educated on the topic must know that a whole lot of nonsense happens in opposition to supposed ‘forced’ Christian conversion. Let’s state the case’s facts as they are.

1) One’s religious belief is something that is his or her choice. Even is it the case of him not being allowed to follow whatever religion he would like to because the government system demands that he or she at least follow particular religious practices and rules, it cannot be applied because there is no such provision in laws governing India.

2) By all reasons logical, religion is chosen by one or his/her forefathers for reasons that may not be or which may not have been in their control. But at the end of the day, if it does not benefit from the faith one is a part of, then they by all means one has the right to change it to one that benefits him/her if he/she so wishes

3) One’s faith is a personal matter and in no way does it falls under the government’s purview unless of course it makes one deny himself one his or her human rights forcefully.

4) As Point 3 stipulates, the rights of people of all religions should be the same as long as they are citizens of the nation unless the people in reference to here are people who are of an unprivileged class to whom the Government may give a concession or privilege which they do not give to other citizens. Hence the ‘documentation’ or the ‘record’ of one’s conversion for these purposes shouldn’t serve any purpose as made in this point apart from this exception.

Having made these four points, let’s take up the ‘issue’ VHP (and similarly other groups) has been making claims of forced conversions. First of all, why should there be an issue with forced conversions unless someone was being forced to convert and then violated in some way? The very reason people convert is because the pasture is greener on the other side. If a society or culture (since most in India are religion driven) does not give one the advantages that basic rights (and most often decent conditions of living – social and economic), then surely one will look for greener pastures.

The whole question is the motive of either party – the converting party and the anti conversion party. The anti conversion party says there is voluntary conversion happening. But what does it affect them that conversions are happening? The conversions are not affecting their faith or practice of it. And the converting party are only getting a better deal out of life by converting which is why they are converting.

With the all justified analysis, it’s a just a little bit of jealousy with a whole lot of political intentions that seems to be the driving force. The recent riots are because of the killing of the VHP leader Laxminand Saraswati. While for some strange reason, VHP thinks that the Christian community have killed him who were supposedly against his anti conversion efforts. I don’t take away the reports that earlier attacks may have been by Christians either, which is again a plain assumption.

That apart the larger question for me here is not who killed him but why the whole stigma against Christian conversion in the first place? Let a man choose his own way as long as he does not come in the way of others. It is a privilege that he deserves.

A take on the 26/11 hungama: IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE HUMDRUM…

It was a merge of the “right” proportions – politics, terror, media hype, questions for accountability. Politicians edging towards the blame game, as usual-only this time they couldn’t be frivolous with their statements as a result of which you didn’t find any televised debates on any. While politicians sat in the comfort of their government provided offices and cars, the new heroes of the nation – the people who bravely did their duty to oust the bad guys -were given many a clap and pat on the back with each step forward that they took.

Relentless speculation and persuasion of the matter by TV channels, in the name bringing what “mattered the most” to the “people”, would have had a level headed person who kept his cool in all the chaos call the coverage of the issue anything but that. Yes, it is true – while “real” issues drive TRP’s (a classic case of which is the Ekta Kapoor’s serials which the mothers enjoy and children dread), TRP’s are only got by covering “real” issues, even if they are to be shamelessly displayed for perusal of most people whose in effect useless commenting and opinionating don’t do a thing to help the subject.

One can say what they will and be diplomatic about it but what happened cannot be only matter of facted about with because it dealt with loss of life and hence a lot of emotions that loss of life comes with. When one may agree that it can happen in any major city, our inability to handle the situation did not make the situation any better. Neither did the thoughtless comments from our leaders that it indeed could.

But groping on about it doesn’t really help and as the Government says action is needed. So while we have our leaders figuring out which side they stand on the issue and also which stand is beneficial to the cause and purpose of them and their party and to their prospects of winning the next election, we are stuck with showcasing our sympathy and stand on the issue in the form of peace marches, candles and being-accused-of mere talk by people who say that we are only talking from the outside.

In the middle of all this, there is a lot being over done – emotions being taken more note of than the actual issues when necessary and vice versa. What is important is that we don’t get over excited about the whole issue and put emotions before practicality because that is what the situation asks for


There’s just too much ado about western culture
Being encroached upon by many a vulture
Of this Sena and that Sena
And this wing and that
Causing a Hindutva menace
That makes we wanna catch
These so called moral law makers
and enforcers all the same
and lift them with their fanaticism
And dump them all in jail
What they don’t understand
To understand which they fail
Is to realise that real people
Have greater things to worry about
Than whether or not our traditions are kept
Whether our cultures are maintained
Or whether they go down the drain

Freedom they refuse to buy
The freedom that tells us why
We are who we are deep inside
That which we have be happy with
If we’re gonna have to live with ourselves anyway
And if we don’t , we’re gonna have to live with that
And by that very freedom, we can say
We have brains and minds of our own
Each unique and unlike any other
And that we owe each other nothing
Except to live in peace with another
Because if we did, strike out people who we didn’t like
Otherwise nobody would be left alive after

What they don’t understand
Is the fact that there are no rules
That we made in the first place
Which we can’t break
We can break ‘em as much we made ‘em
And we can turn the tables
On a generation that did
Culture is no dictator
That our past should stay into the present
If it ain’t working
It can very well be thrown out the door
And if ain’t working’
There’s no reason for insecurity
Just got to move on
And find another way in which this existence makes sense


In all the versatility that you may find on the planet with the individuality stamped on each soul, you will surely see a variety of existence that either must compliment all the other variety or is best at logger heads with it. While the appreciation of it is beautiful and quite something you put on a wall, the differences also are the very differences that we have to live with. And when you paint this picture, all is not as pretty as the appreciation on the wall. You have people with traits and natures which have Reasons To Be that drive them and effectively work against or in competition with other traits and natures which also have reasons to be. Add in a little built in pride and desire to succeed to that and you have many a war - many a war which has taken many forms physically, socially, economically, racially and emotionally.

What has seemed to have driven this war is the deprivation of the chance to live out this pride and Reason To Be to the fullest. One variety has suppressed the other’s chance to live it out and then the chain reaction continued – the depriving variety being first deprived and then as a result depriving the deprivee variety. Looking into the concept of the first ever deprivation (it had to start somewhere), the only way that it could have occurred is if one variety had a ego rise – something that made it want to be more than just on the level of peaceful existence that did exist between all varieties, a boost to its Reason To Be. While one can explain the reason behind the deprivation of another of their Reasons To Be as their own deprivation, the first ever Depriver/Deprivation cannot be explained away with that. While there may be probable reasons galore that could possibly explain that, the point of this piece is not that.

Now the case is such that you have this cycle of the deprived depriving the deprivees and the deprivees, in turn doing the same forming a continuously continual cycle that doesn’t really do anyone any good except steal dignity and pride from one and give it to another. And to the depriver while it empowers them and they have gotten their dignity and pride back, while they rest in their victory of sorts, they either cringe in their heart once they see the evil that has been caused to the deprivee at their hands all in the name of their Reason To Be (an end to which any means has suddenly become justifiable) else their solace in victory is not that they can freely be their Reason To Be but is one of a more selfish kind like these machines we see in the movies who come to destruct all in their path by default and who just do it because that is what they do and they can do nothing else.

If they were indeed one of the varieties of this planet who had a Reason To Be who were themselves deprived and then later started depriving others and then became maniac machines that fail to recognize the fact that they had achieved the opportunity to be their Reason To Be which was why they deprived the others and also fail to see the evil they had caused (in the process) lest they were ones who would be unfortunate enough to be the deprivee…well...we have seen enough, had enough and probably will die if there are more. While a lot of them have killed themselves, a lot more of them even today kill a whole lot of others. A strange phenomenon if you ask me. A stranger phenomenon when you find that these very same people had a family that they pampered, a wife/lover who they died with, lived in luxury in contrast to the people who they made suffer – both supporters, dissidents and people who were too afraid to not join their side – for anyone to say they indeed had soul and were not the maniac machines that they were seen to be indeed with no Reason To Be, I seriously beg to differ.

But let me here present in this observation the cord that binds us all. The cord that binds us all and binds us still is the fact that we are all people with Reasons To Be and we are as diverse as diverse can ever get and that diversity is integral to our Reason To Be and when we follow through with our Reason To Be that diversity comes into play. Now this cord is the identity that we have with each other with all this diversity. When we all are as diverse as we are being our Reasons To Be living equally on the level with each other, this is what binds us. If this is not what binds us, then we would have made each other extinct by now. It would have been a different story if we were all diverse and lived in separate sub universes in case of which we would not need to have to have anything bind us (or a need to bound by a common ground so that we don’t kill each other and do away with ourselves in the process). But the case is not such.

You don’t have to suppress another and then look at the person you suppressed and then feel bad for the evil you caused to realize this, every single time you realize it – that you just caused to another what gave you great sorrow in the first place. If you continue doing so, it is very likely that we will never end the deprived depriving the deprivee cycle. Let us just be our Reasons To Be as diverse as we may be and let everybody else do the same and explore the unity that comes therein, what lies further for the whole lot of us in that unity.


You slap me and I slap you because of our pride.
If you kill me and I kill you , somebody is bound to die.
You wanna go our different ways, it's fine, it's alright.
Both you and me any day can do with at least a world with no strife.
But what if we make the best of what we got and share all that we have
And respect each other and not stop to compare.
Coz it's easy to say, "Get out of my way. I'll have my own way and you will have no say.
If you want to fight, we can fight any day and before you know it you won't even be there to fight if I do it right."
When what your mind actually says is, "You're kinda cramping my style. I don't like it and it makes me cringe inside and I have the arms, ammunition and power to make that feeling true tonight."
But what will you do when you realize that I'm gone
And the only thing you have with you is your ego and your arms
Arms with no one to kill but maybe your self in depression soon enough
Arms with no one to hug, strangle or murder soon enough
How long will it take you to realise that all you wanted was to be loved and loved back in turn
But someone came along and told you something that made your heart burn
Whether that you were right and all else was wrong
Or that you have been cheated of something that you could have had all along
Or just that someone before you had a great big grudge one that he could not enrage enough
I don't know what it was
But I can tell you that you'd better and work it out before you starting your chastity drive
Your fight for your right or your drive to survive
You're a person made of the very same things
That are the people whom you will annihilate, kill or simply get out of the way
The truth of You is deep down inside, what in your heart and soul abides
Some of it has been put by the many who had things that they want you to do on their behalf
If mangled beyond repair it is, then look at the things that it will bring
It it's sorrow and pain to another very same soul
Then you surely are not achieving a worthwhile goal
Not only because to inflict pain is a sin
But only to you applies not the mess you're in
There are people there too who have been played with by the many
Who have been made them puppets of again and again
They in turn do all they know
And make puppets of everyone where they go
You're just one of them who are also like everybody else
By the gun, by faith, by religion or by race have been made
Puppets of mindsets and goals that only kill, destroy and annihilate
If they don't transform at the word of the order
There are people who have been privileged enough
To have their souls maintained as they always were
Who are free and fine with their souls'n minds
Whom probably you detest because they are of this very kind
But if you look deep down in all this response to your agony
There is a misled soul dying to be free
With an anger quotient that is way stronger
That tells them to kill first because it can't contain in it any longer
If you're ever successful to do this right
And you stretch the limits of your might
You don't want to be left all alone
with no one but you alone
Take a lesson from the free and unbind those chains
To be yourself and not to someone blame
Whom your anger first sights to be the target that's right
But set right what has been mangled and torn
And become the you - the true soul reborn


I have never really believed in sweating it out. Now I don't mean that by saying that hard work is not necessary. Only that if you are into something hard work is fun and you don't dread it. You enjoy it all along. It is somehow a preconceived notion that life is supposed to be difficult

I believe a lot in destiny and I believe in this cycle into which we are born. We get to our destiny when we find out place in that cycle. It's a hand in glove thing. It either fits or it doesn't fit. If you say that if you work harder you will get there and it not for you then it is a misfit. It is not the way things are meant to be. You might feel comfortable there but then you are stealing what is meant for someone else and you only make it work as well with technical knowledge.

If you are not meant you can have any soul for it, and then things become soulless. If we all have a dream and if it's ours to keep...if that very dream has things to do to attain then how can destiny work? This is the thing. You've got to trust in the way things are made to be. That is one main cause for a lot of unhappiness in the world. I will not allow my destined dream to be taken away from me. I will strive to keep and keep it mine. I never really work hard but I put in my effort. I sweated and toiled in ways one can't see.


I am very ambitious. I want things that most people won't understand. My defense is that I don't understand the way the world works, the way that I'm told it does. It doesn't make much sense. If any, not as much as it should. To keep these dreams alive, I sometimes tend to fantasize. My fantasies to a big extent help me reason out sanity from the way I live my life. To lay it all out straight, they maintain me sane. You may say that I've suited a world to my fantasies in which I live in, that it's too reclusive too be real. If only truth and reality would match by virtue of what stands which has stood and will stand for all time. I can rationalize my fantasies though I may not be able to convince you of them but I choose to believe in only what I only fully understand.

When you can prove me wrong, I will admit it. As much as you can reason, what you're fighting to prove should make things work practically in the midst of the strife and conflict between your argument and all others that oppose it and work against it. That's the argument of mine that still holds out against yours. What I am implying would work anyway if this debate wasn't taking place - if we weren't concerned about what the other believed and went on with our lives. It's only that I believe in those principles that have stood, will stand and do stand against anything that changes including time and people who follow anything that works regardless of whether they believe in them or not.

When these dreams become real and I've done celebrating them, I'm going to want to sit down on the side for a while because I know that it would involve a lot of those people who wouldn't have ever dreamt in their wildest dreams of such a thing happening. When these honest blasphemers are gawping and rambling in awe of such an event, I imagine you coming and sitting down by my side. I'd prefer honest blasphemy to anything else that I can get from them though it wont count then.

I imagine that you would congratulate me and the conversation that would follow would go into either of us bringing up the topic of how much you are a part of my success. All I would say to you then is simply "You're as much a part of my success as you want to be, as much as you really want to be."


Love, I have discovered, is a strange thing – a strange thing indeed. I do not merely say this because my hand has not been quite as fortunate as I might have liked it to be. Rather, I say it because I have noticed it remains to be a force that enthralls, excites, beckons and makes one become hasty when bitten to be overcome by it – in reaction to which we have absolutely no clue whatever it is indeed about and we come up with our own very interesting concoctions of it.

One of the most interesting concoctions is the “fish in the sea” concoction. Now if really there were as many fish in the sea or giving the validity of that theory some space - a few fish in the sea, there comes the obvious question – is it something that you just mix and match with? I mean is it merely a compatible companionship were talking about that you put together and you’re done? Is it like determinism but in this case is it just an option you choose from among the many “fish in the sea”?

A further note on the subject that is more impressed on my heart is the whole take of love being a “need”. Now, don’t go misquoting me before I stipulate what “need” signifies. All men and women have needs – to feed themselves, to relieve themselves, to be happy, to find joy, to be loved and to be made whole. One must be really blind to understand to overlook that fact that we are well aware of ourselves being emotional beings and the thought of going dry in that department can really send us in a tizzy or can make us react and make ourselves inclusive emotionless haters of ourselves (in addition to which we make everybody else desperately hate everything).

We do need to have that companionship but when we strictly view it as a “need” we bring it down many a notch to being platonic and satisfying ourselves with such a platonic relationship adding a touch of non platonicness to it to take away the pinch. This viewing as a need had taken many a form – playing the game, love kills but thrills, you’ve got to move on, you’ve got to stay in the game and has finally come to known as a status – more so with the option being on the many social networking websites to make known your status. Something that says she’s with me and I’m with her.

What does not settle in for me is that this becomes a lifestyle – something is epitomized by the very things that I mentioned in the last two paragraphs – there are many in the fish in the seas and you got to be in the game so you got to move on…which is the dilemma. Is it a race for survival lest you don’t find someone and die alone with no one? Is it just the response to the constantly painful notion of laying yourself out there and having to eventually give up on the dream one? Is it the result of seeing people whom you can swear are it and who swear to it that they are it but they are caught up in the whole “race” themselves to even consider such a proposition even if it truly does come along and presents itself and pursues them?

Let us, especially those who find ourselves in this loop, take a look at the matter at hand. If all this had to be done away with and you didn’t have to step down from the idealistic stand of the true desire of your soul, how would it be? When you can guess and hunch away, I have worked mine out. Here goes. Love, my friends, among the things it is not – is not a status. If truly love exists between two things, it is perpetual and there to stay. If it is what it is today – take as it comes, mutually discard when not working and “move on” to the next one, it can’t be worth it anyhow. And that cannot be what my soul truly longs for. I am only satisfying the fear of my soul to not feel the pain again, the pain that taught me what true love must be in the first place – if that is what will take me there. It is true and remains true. And my years of heart investment have taught me that it is not a commodity to indulge in as a part of my regular state of affairs. Neither is this race or the people in the race who indulge in it commodities for each other to treat so great a matter in such frivolous a manner.

So the next you are on either side of a conversation that ends up with “You wanna go out on a date”. “No, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend” or you over hear one, I ask that you pity yourself if you are in the loop of such things because you have effectively degraded something so beautiful to something that “only happens in movies”.


The difference between real and fantastical music is the efficient management of passion. When you know that you love something and that you are passionate about it, if you want to achieve the purpose of feeling that way you will have to go about disciplining it-jam regularly, practice regularly etc. You then will figure out that that there is a difference between real life and music and that music cannot solve life's problems. Thus you will end up knowing music's a companion you take along with you all along the way not only when it's the last resort to a solution.

This way it's the friend that you don't have who will understand, the only hope you have against faultless reasoning which totally uncalled for etc. Here music is real and purposeful. But if you consider music a fantasy, you are a fool because you indulge in real life till you can't take it anymore and then you turn to music and indulge in it equally deep. Then you fail to understand that music can never solve life's problems. It can only take you through them.

You have to face life and look it right in the eye if you want to ever come on top of it, with music at your side while doing so. You keep alternating extremes of real life and passion which will be of no avail. You will find it preferable to cry with a brother/sister in pain than to lie to yourself and tell yourself that a problem doesn’t exist.

"Sing me a song of pain and sorrow
Sing me a song that I can sing again tomorrow when the world comes down on me."

"What music is, what it’s not-It'll be what it’s always been
Something new comes around only because the world’s state doesn’t fit in with its mood of constant well-being when the world is riding high with troubles no generation before could have seen and they wonder why it’s all going down."


When we use the word cheap to describe a person other than someone who is economical with their financial means, we usually refer to his belittling, demoralising or mistreating ways when he has no reason to economise on respect for another of his/her kind. Cheap people come from all strata of life and most often come from the “lower” class of people. This, in my analysis of people, is the reason why they act so cheap.

Now the “lower” strata is not the strata of the financially under privileged but rather the strata of the mentally non confident in themselves and their beliefs are such that they take on a superiority complex that make them think their beliefs are superior. Most often their strong point is not that their way of life is superior but rather that they are the true deal and not the faked westernised one.

Well, whether being privileged to be true Indians or not is a privilege, it doesn’t matter so much. What matters is that the self is encouraged, the inner being becomes the only being and that the vast realisations of this life can be understood, worked towards and realised. We only become what we see. By narrowing ourselves to be within a certain frame of mind before we can see enough to know our options of what to be, we only give ourselves the frustration of not living the dreams that are in us to live which we regret every time we look back at the things that we might have achieved instead.

If the culture you have doesn’t encourage this self realisation, you end up not giving value to the self and to start with, you have no pride – which then I can only say that you have nothing at all.


Think there is a clear crystal glass of well prepared wine deformed over the years to give excellent taste – as tasty as wine can get – to the drinker. The most efficient made to be purpose that the wine would serve would be to give the one who is privileged enough to know what good wine tastes like an experience (or a re-experience) of what it tastes like. The ideal way such a person would taste it is to shake the glass a bit, take a small little sip, swallow it and let the fine taste of the wine engulf all the senses that it probably can.
Now take the same glass of wine kept on the same table in a place when it is surrounded by people who don’t understand such taste – mostly the alcoholics who use alcohol to break away from the senses by getting intoxicated. Now, they will take the wine down in one gulp and will be asking for a refill before you could take one breath or they would totally reject the wine and not drink it at all saying it does not give one that much of a kick.

Now the psychology behind this response is that the former have tasted what good wine is like and how good wine can be best tasted. But the latter knows not the value and meaning of good tasteful wine and hence just gulp it down and before you know it, he is extended his glass for a refill continuously until he realises that it will never satisfy his appetite for intoxication and thus gives it up.

Now think the glass of wine to be praise & worship music, the latter to be a regular toned Christian who would be familiar primarily with the concept and purpose of praise and worship and the latter to be one who would be not effectively a non believer.

Good praise and worship music - that most times takes a whole lot of talent too - is a mature expression of faith and belief. Statements like “Our God is an awesome god”, “Great is thy faithfulness” and many more like them make no sense to one who does not even what they’re talking about – much like it is a glass of overflowing wine that is not stopping to be filled into which wine continuously flows and which has to overflow as there is no stopping of the pouring in of the wine.


For most jobs that require a lot of what will be referred to in this post henceforth as so called ‘business sense’ people look for people who went to college for those long years and got all those two and three letter words attached to their names. As many of these letters as you have attached to your name-you are as good as them – at least so you should be, says those letters. And if that’s what you are, you are supposed to know better because you went through all the trouble to learn it (again so it should be). So your word is taken as THE word on the matter.
In contradiction, what a lot of these people say and act upon is a whole lot of rules that they were taught that you don’t do (not can’t do). It’s more like industry respecting (more constrainting) rather than goals to be achieved centric. This is not done, that is not done kind of stuff. It’s like as if they are taught to fear what they ‘better not’ mess around with and that is the key to the power they hold.

Is it this fear that truly drives people to the top? Is the breaking of this that will stigmatise one that breaks it? Is it this unstigmaism that is the key to success? More importantly is this fear/stigma a barrier to breaking boundaries and crossing walls that haven’t been crossed before if used right? Or is that parking lot attendant, blind man singing for his pennies and the man selling odds and ends on the street who have more opportunities than any of this education can open up the mind to?


To be in the public eye for reasons that set you a class apart, you must indeed be a class apart. And you do that best with your actions. Celebrities, a majority of this class, are celebrities because they do this very same thing. They are either really good at what they do, really good looking or attract a lot of attention. If you’d notice John Mayer and anybody as ugly or unattractive who would sing like him would attract the same amount of attention. It’s not so much the looks but more the works – contrary to popular opinion.

So all the beauty is courtesy the money that they make with their works (they wouldn’t be able to have such clear skin, wear such fashionable clothing, look as stunning or drive those fancy wheels if they didn’t rake in millions). If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t be anywhere. But not all times is it the case that their jobs courtesy which they have the fame have them look so good. But they have earned their way through to deserve these things.


For anything to be on target, purpose is the key element. Without purpose, one has no sense of direction and hence has no clue as to where they may be heading. The purpose that over rides all other purposes is the purpose of one’s life. It largely defines any other purpose that we will have.

While one is most often told to go grand on purposes in life, the context that grand is used in is not in its strict literal meaning. Grand implies huge, big, massive, larger than life etc. But the ‘grand’ eventually implied here is impressive, more than what someone else is doing etc., not the as big as you can get grand. If life is down to earth then so should be its eventual goals. And that literally translates into goals being of the kind that if you would spell would be spelt out like “My goal in life is to get up at a sane hour every morning, have a relaxed cup of coffee, do my thing, come back home…..and do it all over again every single day”.

But an impressive goal in life in the other context that is talked about in this blog post is one that typically says “By the time I am thirty five, I want to be on the top of the ladder in my line…” where you have no specifics (again in its literal sense) and more of non specifics which makes the whole idea sound lofty that makes the latter sound “impressive” than the former.

While the case is such (in the other context), we can clearly say that we are losing touch with the real deal of life and going in for an illusion as the more reputed option running after its reputation in circles of power and acceptance that have no idea what ever on the planet a reputation is and how it is best used.


I am very privileged, I feel, to be a journal. I have been in permanent positions in many a room, many bedsides, under many pillows and have been given names by each of my owners of whom I have lost count. I have been the solace of people of many ages from age 10 to age 100. Many people have laid all their burdens on me day after day, night after night. The troubles that I have seen are plentiful with sorrow - more than even I can encompass with the wide experience I have had.

My story is strange. I don’t know if it is my fate. I don’t know if diaries have fates but the times that I have seen have led me to believe so. I for some strange reason, in a strange scripted way, have been shifting owners who always end up being in need of the extremely emotional accounts that my previous owners have recorded and add their own to my rich repertoire of journal accounts.

I have seen heart break, pain, joy, sorrow, death, life, infidelity…the list goes on. I, at times, think that I can speak to my owners because when I have felt moved to speak to them, because they are being too cruel or just too broken down, they have seemed to respond in a way. I feel as if they hear me speak to them at least inside their hearts.

Sometimes it has been this response than has made them throw me out in a dustbin, out a window or into a gutter. But each time I thought my end was soon, I was picked up by another owner and was relished I opened my big mouth yet another time.

After all this incessant shifting around, I’d love to be with just one person. As much I love the experience of meeting a whole lot of people from a whole lot of places, I’d really had enough heart break myself. Seeing heart breaks even worse than mine pains me to think that they actually hit that hard and that if I don’t protect myself from one I might fall victim to it before I know it.

You must be thinking that it is crazy that I am a book with a heart and soul and emotions but I find it really difficult to believe that I have them myself. Most books don’t have a soul and a heart and all that stuff – well most books till I came along. I don’t really know if people sense this but I feel I am a part of a greater divine plan. So there must be God or all this evolution stuff is like really advanced – much more than it seems to be.

Anyhow, it’s time I get going. Have another soul to soothe, more heart ache to bear, more pain to see, more owners to have…I hope I meet you though some time.


Pride is pride for no small reason. From our growing years we are taught pride – that we have to be proud and that is it is good if we are proud in a good way and not in a bad way. Pride that we have been taught is the kind that is based from the strong standing of self – believing in one’s self, loving one’s self, having confidence in one’s self…

While pride is not only the privilege of the fortunate man, pride is also a bane of the same class of people. Humans live their lives by rules. From the time they are born before they can be an anything to be proud of that in the first place, we are directed towards making a stamp on the world and subsequently being proud about the way we live our lives.

After the nail of pride is driven into our heads, it becomes default that we should be haughty and status‘y’ about everything that we do. We should not take that step down the ladder of pride because it goes against the level that we have reached on the ladder of pride.

Having considered all this upon evaluating it with the respect to the purposefulness of it, let’s just consider that we had no pride and subsequently ‘un’consider the whole prospect of having a status. Having done this, to start with, we will have an emptiness in us that will be more than evident. If one is bold enough to experiment and abandon these two attributes that we revere so much, they will notice that it doesn’t really matter whether we have it or not (that is if we have the courage to in the first place).

Being used is a common syndrome that we have to battle when we are under the effect of pride. We find it undignifying to be used by someone else for a purpose of their own benefit (read when we have nothing to gain from the situation). But while this reaction is but expected of people who have been brought up in this particular manner, I am led to think that they can use the privilege towards another end.

After they have had the privilege of having the privilege of being privileged enough to know what it is know what it is to be respected and what is it to have pride of their own, they can surely understand better than most other people who have not had the privilege that it is very much a man made emotion that is not always fruitful to any sort of practical purpose.

For a minute let’s just think if we indeed didn’t have pride on our working for us, we would have prevented most world tragedies - wars, ridiculous homo(?) crime endorsing dictators, political murders, inter/anti racial strife, many nations fight for freedom, many nations fight against the freedom…

If each of the events that come under the above mentioned categories were prevented and were turned towards a worthwhile and beneficial cause, the world would have been saved from the disasters, injuries and in many a case the history that is not ridden with mistakes that not a soul has learnt from.

When you come to consider it, life has no sureties to it. Most of the accepted ways to do things are ways that have been time tested and which are plainly put - the best and most effective ways to do them. There has been no manual to the way things should be done. They are mostly tried, tested and passed more than any other way of doing things. These ways are just the best known ways to make the best of this life.

So if that be the case and pride be the fall of man, then by the above theory it is best disposed of and replaced by one that is non pride driven one. So, if you’re brave enough to make your life work better for you, you might just want to shed all the pride that you have in your system – as and how your way of life allows you to.


It has become common conception that one who is old enough to have a romantic/life partner or lover should have one because it is a need primarily because, as the saying goes, man is no island. One needs another to confide in totally – one true friend. Now it is an extension of this conception that one needs a ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ and the larger question here asked which qualifies as the qualification that makes one someone else’s girlfriend or boyfriend is “Who are you sleeping with?”.

This brings me to question the intent of that one relationship that we all feel is a need because one must have a companion and can’t go through life alone. Are human beings nothing but sex animals or is there something more that they can do with their lives than think about sex every other moment? You have two points of view. One is the one night stand point of view. You take what you get have a good time. The basically ‘it’s all about sex and I’m not apologetic about it’ stand and the ‘I want a soul to soul with all the physical experience that I might want’ stand are the two stand taken here.

My opinion (call me what you will) is that while one can take either route (go for the one night stand or the soul to soul route), he has to understand that a larger satisfaction comes from the soul to soul factor because if man is indeed a sex machine then he has no business being as advanced as he is. There is more to the world which is very obvious - the different levels of interaction, the capabilities of men and women to be who they are and the achievements they can boast of, the worlds that they can make happy and more…so now are we meant to be mere sex animals?


Hierarchy in a sense is a way of regulation of many things. One of the many things it protects is the privilege of those who have put in their blood sweat and tears into something for years together to get what they deserve - if you’d call that a privilege. Now like every other game that is nearly as competitive as real life, there is always a winner and a loser. That what you get if it’s a race in the end – winner(s) and loser(s).

But the whole life is race theory has a flaw. The question to be asked is if it is indeed an overriding factor in the way things work (and how things will work well if they work in that particular way) thus spoiling the whole purpose of the existence of things the way they did before we came and took over (the way they are supposed and intended to be) then what about the other guy?

We are missing out the whole point that is to live this life – not race ahead and gain points. There is nothing to gain points for except those that at some point of time you get personal happiness from which you are also able to help others get the same. You can’t get out of this ‘mess’ that you are put in even if it is a mess that is made and not initially intended for. So you might as well ‘run the race’ and while you’re doing it make the best of it because you are going to run this race only once.

So the best you can do keeping this in mind is that you can take your shots - calculated and risky – such that you are least likely to regret it at any point in time. Taking into consideration the fact that you never know what your days will see, that’s the best that you can do – jump into the well if you are not sure whether it is what you has what you want before you regret seeing it with someone else who jumped into the well. Ofcourse when you live with such a motto, you learn with years and the years hence make you wise. So you’ll learn what you will if you are sensible enough to take each step up and each step down as a lesson that teaches you more about the path that you have chosen so that you learn how to take advantage of it and do the most you can with it.

While you do all this to get the best of this ‘mess’ that you are stuck in anyway, just remember that since it’s no race you might as well take the other guy along and thus make it a more pleasurable one. Meanwhile make yourself useful and not a waste of a body, mind and soul by doing your thing to do*. What say?


*thing to do – that which you are meant to accomplish in this world which could refer to one single thing or many things the list which changes as the years of our life dawn upon us and we see more of the world and more of ourselves and how we can work together - us and the world

PS: This whole post was taken inspiration from the part in Lion King when Mufasa gives Simba a pep talk about the way nature and hence life in the pride land rolls how things happen the way should and how one should let it happen and accept his/her role in the whole process however ‘demeaning’(doing your thing) it may be so that it works together like one circle like it should.


Beauty is not a right because if it was then there wouldn’t be such a thing as being beautiful. Everybody would be beautiful and it wouldn’t be a big deal if you were. Since beauty is a privilege, there is no mandate to sideline unbeautiful girls because if at all life on earth to be just and beauty is only a privilege.

The question this analysis is logically leading to is that if it’s no sin and one is not to be ridiculed on the basis of external beauty then are all fair in all things regardless? While I wouldn’t want to judge, I would say that what impresses me with anyone, forget woman alone, is the class one conducts one’s self with.

While beauty is a privilege, class is honour, respect and above all else self worth. Class is every man’s right regardless if or not they grab the opportunity to benefit from having some in their lives. And I would choose class to be the parameter of measuring respectability, honour, self-worth…it basically comes down to all of these things that make a person classy irrespective of looks, fashion, accessories, external beauty.

Someone who may not be all that of a bombshell who carries his/her self confidently in all the means described in the last sentence and more is surely my type. It’s all about the attitude you have towards what you believe in what you are and it shows on the outside when you are faking it.


Falling in love is one thing and marriage is totally another thing it seems. As it seems, being in love (the romance part of it along with all that precedes and succeeds it) is the dream world part of love. It’s born a dream and many a time dies a dream. There is no reality perspective in it and that is what is accepted. Hence the adage “love is blind”. Marriage as it seems is the practical part of love. It is in effect choosing to stay with a life partner that you commit to and the life partner choosing to stay with you. Love may be blind but most of the time marriage isn’t. When considering marriage, one looks at the practical aspects of how one will earn money to support the family, the acceptance of the family on either side, the obligations that becoming a part of each others family tradition and such.

One other aspect of marriage that is a must see into about age difference is the aspect of whether or nor one marries another older or younger by a huge difference of years. The basic issue here is that if the difference of years is great on either side (elder or younger) brings about a huge generational gap which clashes with the prospect of any common ground existing that might be the root of ones interest in another. One reality check that one should make note of is that while one may fall in love with another generations apart from each other the living together aspect of the relationship is determined to a great extent by the day to day interests and loves of the couple in question. While there are exceptions, this reality check whether one seriously enjoy another’s company is one that is questionable with the horrendous age differences that films stars from Hollywood and other film fraternities and other celebrities ‘enjoy’ is quite valid or whether the younger or the older one is the toy in the relationship and the elder one the ‘to die for’ hottie to get that the younger one was lucky to ‘bag’ or vice versa.


The beauty of a woman is related a lot more to the external characteristics of a woman these days. If you see a woman dressed in skirt and dress likewise she is more 'beautiful' than in sari more often than not. Beauty & fashion and skin deep - is most often associated with class and class is more associated with glamour. So, you can look ugly and have class in that context. But this whole craze concerning class is rooted in the westernisation of trends. Someone with a funky hairdo or an equally regular one but on that brings out the prettiness in her face will be more admired for her beauty as long as she looks likes a pin up girl or someone close enough that you can work with to make one of her - but you wouldn't want to categorise her like that because it would be cheap of you to do so but would like to have the privilege of her being so “beautiful”.
Where the problem starts is at the gap between the people who have taste and those who don’t. And taste comes from healthy appreciation of beauty and not from frustration due to absence or inadequateness of it. One may be so brave to call the latter-cultured. Another way to put is that the former those who appreciate true beauty and the latter those who can get won over shamelessly by sleaze in any amount. Sleaze and beauty are the two opposite poles of this argument.

The grey area here is that it is indeed true that looks are not all because confidence in a woman or vice versa is one characteristic that you can’t beat. Ugly or beautiful, sleazy or just classy, mind blowing or just bad fashion sense, if a woman is confident about herself, the clothes she wears, the way she talks, her mannerisms and what she believes - she doesn’t any need any of what I have described in the two paragraphs. That is the ultimate definition of worthwhile culture. It makes you feel proud of yourself and hence that which you believe in and stand by. That is the difference between the cultured and the uncultured taste – pride of self.


With everything that is to be done on planet, there will be a difference of opinion. Within all the argument that goes on about whether it is wise or unwise, in the best interest of all or contributing to the downfall of all, absolutely unnecessary or just a waste of time, there is common ground that both for and opposing parties are actually on when it comes to their stand on the issue.

The most common argument among these is between whether it can be done without or not. The simpler and more conventional stand is why the fuss – that if something can be done without then let it be done without. The other extreme of this argument is that if there is scope to do more than why not just go ahead and do more. In the midst all this argument on TV one night, I heard one of the wisest statements made on the issue.

This was on Times Now during an argument featuring Mandira Bedi, Charu Sharma and a BJP representative amongst many others. Amongst all the doubts cast upon whether or not the cheerleading squads can be done without due to their being ‘unindian’ claims, Charu Sharma seemed to be the wisest among all with his statement. He said something to the effect of “If we look at whether not we need it or don’t need it, then we don’t need anything.” We didn’t need most of the developments in technology, science, sports, education etc but we sure are doing a hell of a lot better with them. The most profitable point of view is that point of view which achieves the most and achieving more than something is better than achieving less or nothing at all.


Fashion these days is much associated with brands and subsequently with expensive price tags. Most of the ‘statements’ are nothing but some seriously over rated stuff that is so called ‘genius’. If one were to actually analyse the latest trend that is rooted from a trend or trends before that, the fashion designer in all probability decided to change it up because it got too well known, stale and boring and did the most obvious thing that he could do – do what hasn’t been done yet (the first thing that comes to mind). And mind you any old thing will do.

But far from these fashion mantras are the clothes that form regular wear which you find in the most ‘unfashionable’ of shops. Try going out to by a pair of jeans. For the day for the average fashionable guy who basically at the end of the day requires clothes to wear, the most difficult thing to do is to find an used to be absolutely normal pair of jeans without having people tell him that the ridiculous and ‘trendy’ ones with stripes are “in fashion” and the “latest trend” and different shades (some time so many on a single pair that you wouldn’t even know it).

The least consolation for people who are greatly troubled by this absolutely vague as vague can get fashion trendiness is the shades. Typically ideal for sunlight, the shades are become a stamp of style and style that no other style accessory has really ever been able to. Even the brands don’t cost that much.


One may scoff at an adult watching animated movies calling them cartoons (“How can you watch cartoons?”) but there are reasons that they are branded children’s movies and one of those reasons is exactly why we are called adults. Exactly why adults are not children and why they can’t be because they are not supposed to. The years after which someone becomes an adult is supposed to teach him or her how to be mature. Now the whole question is this – once having had the experience to learn to be wise, isn’t the practical aspect the most important? Or is it? Somehow the supposed to be mature aspect over any practicality whatsoever and that is supposed to be how it rolls. What’s the funda? Beats me. But as for me and my ways, I swear to be as required and needful there would be a need to be for all practical purposes.

I was re watching Lion King the other night when I was reminded of the simplicity of the focal point of the movie. Simba asks Mufasa about the way things work out there in the jungle being the animal world he gets a clue how the world has been functioning in a cycle which is supported by everything and which in turn supports everything thus keeping the world in full circle metaphorically speaking of course.

Now I got that a long time back but it struck like hitting me in the face when I was much older succumbing to if not pressurised to this school of thought. Just let things be. The world was running fine till we started asking questions. Now that doesn’t mean one should stop asking questions but rather it means that we should let the cycle that runs the world run the world as it always does (provided we let it) and keep any questions to be asked to those that are induced but never forget the fact that the cycle was running the world fine till we ‘stopped’ it – so just play along and see how it rolls before you can ask any questions (if you have to).


All of us like to think that all that we do is important. Some of us just like to think that we do. Some of us are pampered to get the right in the name of freedom and individuality. But what is a painful a phenomenon to those who really do make a difference in the world with what they do. Now you can claim all you like that your contribution is actually benefiting the world in a way that the world doesn’t know or appreciate it. But if you are being useful you will be and if you are not you won’t be and that will be seen and felt.

But there is one exception to your rule. Don’t claim that you are benefiting the world with your actions by some distant second hand and further method. You may or may not be but past your actions it depends on more than just you. And the very same people who it depends on have absolutely no clue that you started it all if you did. So your role in the world will take its course. Meanwhile just let it and don’t brag that it runs on you and your own strength.


Providing strict law order guidelines and enforcing them is the primary function of the law and order mechanism in the government. But not all the time can they keep all people under the watchful eye because people break the law and order which is exactly why there is a law and order department in the first place.

So when the mechanism fails (which is when it is the duty of the law and order department to come up with a new way to handle things), the law and order people swing in to action and see that things are back to normal again and continue to regulate it. Then again depending on the situation it may take a while to handle things.

All this of course is not as easy as it is said. It takes a great deal of dedication, knowledge, expertise on the part of the law and order department to be able to handle things right. And those doing that should know better than to let go things haywire. Clearly while running the show if something goes wrong the authority is to be pointed fingers at because they are there to see that nothing goes wrong. And it is up to them to see that it is set right.

...But contrary to this set up, when law and order fails the solution is not to break out into the streets and unnecessarily break property. Even if one were to ransack anything, the thing to ransack to at least be the office of the law and order authority. Citizens who have no clue get targeted when their shops, business establishments and houses are destroyed and razed. Public property gets lost. When you actually come to think about with the frequency of such riots, people should think better than to at least damage the wrong people’s property as a vent of their frustration. If you really want to say your frustration you should do it right and not wrong especially when it happens every so often.


As a creative tended guy, I tend to the critical when it comes to many things and once I was taught my lesson by someone who was no nonsensical about what she thought. Now she was not older (and some would argue more ‘mature) than me but she (Neha as you might have guessed by now) sure has it in her mind what she wanted to do when she had interest in the movie.

The reviewer in question commented that the film was bad and that she had the best laugh she ever had. Then why didn’t she like it, was the obvious question? Well I have to say that everything is what it is. You can break down things for your comfort or to support your point of view. But at the end it’s got to be useful and serve some purpose in addition to that it should be a break from the uselessness of most times in our day when we just want to get out of the rut. Either way as long as it works and is worth depending upon what it’d take to relieve one, I guess it deserves a thumbs up. A kinda lets make the best of what we have at this point in time attitude.


There’s a theory that’s been floating around the air for a while now if you’ve been keen enough to notice and catch it. It says that is x number of people are sitting in a room and if everybody is so concerned about what everybody else thinks of them that their behaviour, dressing code, words, comments and more will be decided by the x-1 people sitting in the same room with them. But if this is the case then each of the x people are too being influenced by x-1 people sitting around them – just they are influencing each ones behaviours etc...

This example brings about the whole concept of status in society. Now everybody needs to have something to be proud of. It contributes to a huge part of your self-worth. A lot of reputation comes from the fact that you are reputed which means people hold you in high stature. It also means that you are subjecting yourself unneedfully to another person(s) which does not help you and your purpose in life nor does it help him(the other person) because he too is doing it under pressure to do what is ‘expected of him’.

So the question is social status all that? So what if I’m not in with the crowd? Well while it serves no purpose, it has a consequence. Approval apart respect is a basic need to have man understand man at a level where he is really doing it from the bottom of his heart out of a desire to desire to live in peace at least with his brother on earth. So when one casts it as expectations on another person, though justifiable it clearly does no good whatsoever. So let’s get off each other’s backs and asses and into our own lives to understand what it means to be open and caring (at least for practical purposes) and get through the remaining of our lives like we all can use a reaching to the finish line.


Celebrities are by nature in a profession that demand them being seen though behind the work which is why they are in the industry in the first place. There are so many people who really deserve to walk the red carpet because of their artistic abilities which allow the celebrities to shine through – I guess there had to come in the glamour quotient.

By getting to be the face of the work, they obviously get the better pay checks and get to live the dream life in that huge house with those zillion cars and even more dollars in the pockets and bank accounts you can imagine. These privileges are courtesy the superstar phenomenon that has over taken cinemas the world over – that a superstar in your film makes everyone happy and thus the film is a success.

This means that the superstar though just a mould of the top guy becomes the top guy when he has no absolute sense of the creativity and genius that the real top guy has. But the method pays so it works.

Now since this world is full of broken dreams and hardly do most get to do their thing – this dream life that celebrities lead as a result of the superstar phenomenon is the thing. So maybe if they don’t get all those privileges, this looks to be a better and easier substitute – even if the celebrity life is way out of bounds for them. Hence the craze with the celebrity life. If people’d only realise that celebrity is just a glamour outer surface that is a product if many things that celebrities themselves would like to do away with if they could and just be artistes (except for the socialites and put-ons amongst them)

Just go and do your thing whatever it takes if you really want it that bad. That’s what the celebrities did to get to be celebrities. If they are really worth the watch or the listen, then they don’t care about the riff raff called celebrity. If they do they’d best be left alone and their dream life is nothing but a load of bull shit.


It is everybody’s prerogative to hold to their own point of view when they are a few of the people who are incharge of the final creativity of the thing in question. Everybody has different perspectives concerning life, perception, what can be a better goal to achieve than it is intended on and why one should think of another goal to be achieved in the first place. So you really don’t have a conflict of interest but rather you have the issue of the manner in which you will be going about achieving that interest.

Any suggestable suggestion will be one that will achieve the same thing in the same quantity within one particular period of time extended or reduced for comparable comparison. Now the only issue is whether or not the process through to achieving the goal should achieve anything more or is the point just to get there and nothing less. Here comes in the issue of effectiveness. Whether or not the way that one of the creative heads is suggesting that something is gone about by should be at his juncture decided by the absolute necessity of it in the context of what is initially set out to be achieved – critically if they are going all the way anyway should they go a little further or should the original plan be stuck to even if the scope gets bigger than expected.


Piracy is one of the biggest issues that the entertainment industry faces today. We talk about buying original releases in support of the artiste when the artiste makes profit living off the millions they make with their work. The fundamental questions asked from both sides is as follows:

1. Why should a CD or a book be sold for 5 – 10 times (and sometimes more) of its original cost price when if it sold for less than twice its original cost it can be made into a good profit exercise

2. Why should not an artiste get his due when the returns on a work of his are high and when it is the price that is worth the genius of the person taking in to consideration the process that involved coming up with work?

Analyzing the first question is the high pricing of the established artiste. Why should the bigger you get have you get such a huger of a price when (to be absolutely honest) it more than a tad too much? I mean if the production of a book or CD costs way less than they are usually priced, then why aren’t they simply charged as much with the usual profit that should be?

1) It makes the same enjoyable to the average listener who won’t be able afford otherwise.

2) It also makes the music much more accessible (read more business friendly and thus cash inflow‘ing’)...Now analyzing the second question is that the artiste most of the time spends a great deal of time in pre preparation – both mental, talent and physicalwise. Also an average singers or writers schedule is amazingly stressful – the tours, the early mornings, the almost more than 24 hour daily shifts. From that side of the opinion, it is not all about the glamour. No wonder they find solace in such erroneous lifestyles. In that opinion, it is justifiable. The glamour is not what it’s all about when they crash into bed after a hard days work. Actually glamour is what people make of it and their money shakers take advantage of. Most of the time they don’t care how much they make or they don’t. They just want to do their thing.

Moreover it (read music/books/whatever else you can think of) shouldn’t be exclusive so price shouldn’t really be an issue but if price on something often determines the kind of people who are involved in it and you wouldn’t want to disco at a Parikrama concert, ask unnecessary questions because you don’t get the point of the movie while watching it in a theatre or sit down and mope at a disc would you? So I guess eventually those who know what it means only pay for it and thereby maintain its sanctity.


Disclaimers are meant for inclusion in places where the person/people in charge wash their hands off any responsibility for loss of any kind that may take place. The disclaimer clause usually comes in when the guy who runs the show really can’t safeguard something against which he issues a disclaimer. But these days the disclaimer is everywhere. Not only an extension of the representation of the work ethos in India (call up a customer service line, get your local gas delivered, try getting a BSNL phone connection and you’ll know what I am talking about) but it is a part of the growing culture of corporatisation.

Corporate funda is all about the money. If it’s bringing in the dough and enough of it, it is go aheadable. If it’s not, it’s not working. But the thing is that in the process of worrying about how and how much by balance sheets are balancing, we forget that there used to be a day when a shopkeeper used to be the one who would give us the first smile of the day, when the auto driver used to lighten our hearts with a pleasant conversation and when a nurse or a doctor would talk like he/she had known us for ages. These people have been informed of the value of the disclaimer – at least the value that it has on paper and the value it adds to their pockets – and have grabbed the opportunity to get that value to their credit.

The key here seems to be the humanness of it all. There was a time (this time zone still functions in pockets) when humanity cared for humanity because it was absolutely human to see your brother or sister in the world happy (if he wasn’t you’d make him happy) and join him/her in the happiness that he/she is enjoying. There was a time when the world was as small as that – it may not be my business but your my brother in this world so here’s a helping hand to lend in whatever way possible – but not only if it’s your business and in your interest (read business interest).

Well, the world is tough because its people were brought up to be tough because it’s a tough world that they were brought up in since the world was tough at that time. Nothing much that can be done to that past but you can surely encourage those human vibes once again. The larger question is what it would cost – which was always the only question which initiated this kind of love and care from the very beginning.


Today Bob Dylan turns 67 and it is a big day for me. The man makes a huge part of me just like he does millions and millions other people and billions indirectly through what he started. The man has made my thinking to be the way it is and I am thankful to him taking me to the banks of the river that he crossed and having me understand the great beyond that is there beyond the little that we chose live this life seeing.

My fascination with his mind started when I picked that “Best Of Bob Dylan” tape and just thought I’d give it a shot. And I was listening to Mr. Tambourine Man, it came to that last verse...

Then take me disappearin' through the smoke rings of my mind,
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,
The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach,
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow.
Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free,
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands,
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves
Let me forget about today until tomorrow

Yes he has chosen to go through the smoke rings of his mind down the foggy ruins of time both in the past seeing what has happened and observing how crazy the world would get if things were so (and writing about them songs – and man was he right) far past the frozen minds of people who live a one dimensional no explorative life the haunted frightened trees of fear, doubt and asking questions what this life is a about, out to the windy beach of that river that is beyond the little that we chose live this life seeing, very far indeed from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow that is true of the world that we live in and to dance beneath a diamond sky with one hand waving free – absolutely free from the this crazy world - where he is now silhouetted by the sea on the other side of life that we ignore because we don’t take the trouble. Should I say more?

The man refuses any title that is worthy of his contribution to music, poetry and thought alike. We can say what we will about his non ability to sing, his ‘simpler’ compositions and arrangements and his complicated lyrics, the guy even at the age of 67 still amazes people. Ok taken that he really can’t sing but I have stood by what I have always stood by – he wrote the song and put it across how it seemed to him fit as opposed to being a musician. Call it being a musician, songwriter or poet – he was just doing his thing. He had no boundaries or rules. He made up as it went along and he proved his worth by the virtue of the work that he produced while doing so.

In doing so, he changed the course of rock music (in a way that Bruce Springsteen puts it) from one that is hip shaking to something that can be intellectual. Whether it was his genius of imagination and storytelling, or his amazing ability to come up with music with such amazing quality which makes one of the most covered songwriters in the world (and the fact that he has played them in every different way possible) or his unmatched ability to put in words what he sees, no one really knows but the man has an amazing connect with most people of the world with the songs that he has written.

So for the reasons mentioned above and more (if you know what I am talking about it is just impossible to address issue right), I raise my glass to Bob Dylan and the inspiration that he has given me. Bob, you’re my main man and I am ever grateful for your courage and boldness to be who you are, do your thing and give a damn to those who don’t give a damn. For all those who haven’t this experience, I fully recommend that you attempt at least once in your life if Dylan’s influence hasn’t reached you yet.