Thursday, April 12, 2012

They got married off and they're... (Response to "You should get married. Or else" by Local Tea Party)

Response to

Now all this marriage fuss and all. Don't misunderstand off and all. I don't have any problem with those who marry. Let those who marry marry and those who don't let them stay unmarried. This matter clarified, I have been wondering about those who have taken the big giant leap. Many I know who simply took it off make me want to stay away only.

Now again don't jump to any sudden conclusions. This doesn't mean all of them. Some of them married because of boredom. Some of them because they became off old. But after all the fuss, I still scratch my head what the fuss is about.

Everything is same only after marriage. Only thing they have responsibility. And that also I have. They only have more. Sometimes I feel like they fully understand it is useless to admit the mistake or they are. Either that or they are like dodos. Simply marrying because everyone must marry eventually. They all married then only or like that only - eventually.

I mean it should make some difference no? You should become full happy and dance on air or something no? If after marriage you keep the same manner of relationship with everybody, life gets back to normal means there was no fun worth the fuss only. You will do the same if you were not married also. It is like some dream period in between the real life for the two people who get married before going back to the real life. Only difference is they are married. What is that? Full confusion only is coming.

Looking means for me it should be fully special. Not like this and all. I should be up in the air only on the first day. And from then it should be full turnaround. so boring they make it - that much exciting only it must be for me.

It should be full of magic, charm and all other things that make moments special. After setting an example, they suddenly do off one flop show of a next example.

Some say marriage is hard work. Sometimes in my mind I feel it is full hard work only. All magic, charm and all is rubbish. I don't know. I think I need one head massage. Full head is paining now only for me.