Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turn on activist mode (put on the extra compassionate)

Now that Israel has started bombing the Gaza Strip again, it seems we have international activist mode turned on - as if it turned on the extra compassionate in us. I found it interesting that it, in this case, became a fight for the weaker and not for justice. The side that kills the most people is the side that becomes the ruthless killer. Here's the principle that's troubling. Life's complicated, especially when trying not to follow the 'eye for an eye' principle. If the feeling isn't mutual, you'd end up with none. And when you know the feeling isn't mutual, you know that if you don't do something about it, somebody gonna get a very big hurt very soon.

Activist mode is when you are not among those getting hurt, but when the extra compassionate comes on. The other mode is when you're in the thick of it and you are busy enough ensuring you keep your two eyes. Sometimes keeping one is a more realistic hope and keeping the other one is a bonus. It's easy to play activist. You just create principles. When your minding your eyes, you usually don't have a choice. You may do things you regret, but to keep your eyes, you have to. You really don't have time to think. Some people wouldn't know what it's like to live next to an ever-threatening neighbour. They strangely can't even relate to a situation where he would actually become that threat in action and you respond to keep you and your own.

People have told me Gaza doesn't direct bombs at Israel. They throw eggs and tomatoes. Maybe they should pass that information onto Iran who is funding Hamas, who is responsible for the act. They'd want to know how their money is being spent. I'm sure they didn't give it for tomatoes and eggs. There are comparisons of inflictions which are more on the Gaza side like this. Their opinions tend towards Israel being inhumane. Well, one would hardly think that Israeli government has a lack of PS2 commando games to score points that way. The Hamas guys fired a lot more fire power. They either landed in open areas or were intercepted. The losses could be because the independent Gaza administration really hasn't done much in its seven years of rule to improve the situation over in Gaza, maybe.

There also this open air prison accusation. The reason why it is an open air prison is because since 2007, it has been ruled by Hamas. A result of this has been the blockades so that military firepower doesn't go in on Israel's part so that it isn't fired back and on Egypt's part for similar security and terrorist group recognition concerns. Even Egypt, Palestine's ally, bails on them for reasons of merit.
A exact parallel probable situation is if the Taliban forms a political party and comes to power with its ideologies intact. We wouldn't accept that, but we would accept Hamas as the rulers of Gaza. To add to which, they seized power in a coalition leaving out the other partner and use money from Iran to fire bombs at Israel. Maybe Iran and Hamas can be taken seriously if they use that money for the upliftment of Gaza.

It's easy to cry, and cry hoarse, but it's more effective, objective, reasonable, true and just to not let emotions rule the day, especially when you're formulating their independent acceptable standards in perfect comfort. This post is not to make a case for Israel. The details are just for substantiation. It's meant to highlight how we selectively can become (or became) passionate about some things conveniently when it's clearly not the case. Avaaz has been making a strange case, getting tears out of ducts by the many, but their case holds no merit except putting on the ignorant (or blind) extra compassionate. There are also many photos being posted on FB towards the same effect.

What's also interesting to note is that the only crime is the consequence. You could send in as many bombs as you like but what you can't end up hurting hapless, innocent people (like how they also hurt hapless innocent people who apparently are insidious murderers because they are bombing them *back* to keep their eyes).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Importance Of Pre-Purpose (The potential of non-pragmatic ideation)

Ideas engulf the world we live in, more than we know. Everything is at its core an idea that is not a pragmatic one. It does not have a populist base. It is a cause that, by itself, floats in a space that is not what you get to eventually see. It's far deeper and intense. The only way you can crack it is by staring at a wall incessantly till it comes. The only explanation for it can only be pure divine intervention, which does happen quite often.

What separates something driven by a pragmatic idea from something driven by a non-pragmatic populist one is what makes it stick - depth, that is. Depth that you can achieve by staring at that wall till you're transported to such a parallel world, one that you never imagined to exist. It gives it that magnetic feel about it that gets people to wonder where the heck the idea came from (the uncreative lot) but yet attracts them to something they don't understand at all. Moments and ideas that creative folk like me live for. Something that constantly sets the bar high for uncreative people like other folk. Something that is also very annoying because they get the impression that true genius falls from the sky and every good idea must be better (read more 'likeable' by them) from the last one they saw.

They have not yet been introduced to the tight idea. The virtue of which is not decided by subjectivity that is as ridiculous. The kind of idea that is of such genius they won't have the option to like it. It will dissolve into their lives and rule the roost without them knowing it. They won't praise it but it will sell and they would be the buyers if it was a product. It's like a pre-90's song that lasts generations as opposed to a machine produced songs of machine produced singing celebrities that make the charts for like some months with some luck. That some last on the charts for years only shows that there are ones that are clearly worse that missed their luck when the machine's algorithm got it wrong.

What that also brings to light is not only pre-purpose but also basic purpose. Anything that strikes someone non-creative as really cool that has this depth has to have a real story behind it, or be really lame. While the former case is most prevalent, it also is reflective that even the person to whom praise is due needs some story for it to be as cool. In most cases, the person has a whole novel, though, behind it.

So when you really do crack an idea, what you've done is stare at that wall because all you can do is stare at that wall. The idea is always bigger than you and you have to discover it. It can't be brought to book. It can never be brought to book. It's your thinking that needs to be brought to book. Only when you have the strength to admit a creative handicap during a deserving instance, you deserve to be transported to that parallel world - but you have to earn it. But - take notes - keen research and observation of ground reality go farther than you think. The better you have that as your basis, the better the objective impact of the idea, the more the success of it, not necessarily including the praise about how "cool" the eventual idea may or may not be.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Progressive Much?

You can't defeat what's written in stone
Discount the sweat and tears in its blood and bones
These things are built over years and years
They aren't your dice to throw around
Progressive much? I'm afraid not so.

Hand close to heart
Swear to never move away
What we've got is what will stay
It can morph into itself at best
Progressive hardly, but no real change as such

Did you forget to read the sign on the wall?
I'm afraid your time's coming to stall
The ante has been raised to a bar above your head
You should at least learn to stay afloat, or you'll be dead
Progressive indeed is the way to go

There's a corner coming round the bend
It's coming up slowly, be prepared
You have to choose between duck and hide and climb upon, but you've gotta take it on
Kill it, ride on it or hang on to its tail
Like it or not, it will prevail
Progressive Any? You're the first in line