Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The sad tale of John & Sarah III

Continued from http://honnasiriscatch.blogspot.in/2012/09/the-sad-tale-of-john-sarah-ii.html

But then, things had gotten better. John had gone from indulging himself with stones to share his fate with to sharing some of it with Sarah. But even that was not to last. Poor ol' John was the the victim of a change in convenience or so it seemed. It was difficult to tell. Sarah had gone back to square 1. John was again undone by the gross result of the fallback.

In the process to re-establish themselves, he realised a very true truth that he ignored all along. While this was one of the many times lines were crossed, this line has never been crossed before. Never ever. All the other lines were alright - but this, no. This was like an insult. If not to to Sarah, then surely to John. An insult to John that even if he wanted to make good, like times before, he just didn't have the resolve to because it was like soiling his soul. No man should soil his soul with the colour of inconvenience. No man ever.

Sadly enough, the story cannot go further because John won't soil his soul and, like when the story started, John has no clue about Sarah.