Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bemoaning the loss of consequence

Dear Consequence, where have you been?
I've searched for you, high and low, but you're nowhere to be seen
From the bustle of the world's activity, from its very exploding centre
To the fringes of humanity, where its soul, its people, mourns
Once you ruled the world, you gave its endeavours meaning
Tangible, at least they were, without weird entertainment ceilings
Now without those bindings you imposed
You should look at life now- it's such a bore!
None of our ends meet in all the things we try
With nothing to direct us, we aimlessly shoot for the sky
Life, with any purpose at all, eludes us by and by
We're left only with our dreams, but an inkling, and a boredom-sigh
It's been so long without you, we don't even know what it means
To strive towards each other, without waiting to meet only on the other shore
We've forgotten that we're bound so close
However far from each other we may be
By these strings that bind us together
Which are written clear in the stars to see
Where have you vanished? Did we chase you away?
Come, Oh, Consequence
Come weigh this world down
Give it the perspective of the many lives trodden upon
We're filled with fluffy privilege, we don't know what we've got
We're living in our own corners, greedy much we've got  
This strange paradigm has become the norm
Perhaps that is why you're found to be gone
We fill ourselves with emptiness, without you driving us, Consequence
And we fill ourselves once, unsatisfactorily, and then again and again, believing the fluffy lie
We do this so many times, over again, we're too tired to even cry
Tired has become normal, and normal boring
Boring requires life, life that's real
Life that we all share, life that we're strung together by
Life that binds us all, with its sorrows spread uneven
Show us the loose ends of our endeavours
Show us where they must meet
Let's all meet there and have a great reunion feast