Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't date a girl...

Date a girl, but date her only if you must. When you do, date a girl, the concept of whom, hits you with *that* particular thrust. Date a girl whom you'll never understand why you even date, but you know, deep in your soul, exactly why you should. You should be weary of completely getting a hold of that feeling. Actually, that should be a teasing feeling that you welcomingly revisit and realise, each time, that it will never suffice. It should be a strange homely feeling that shows you a majestic home that's always bigger, more wonderful and unimaginably beautiful each time. It never runs out of rooms, colours or finesse.

Date a girl who draws you into a timeless frame, where minutes and seconds tick by in the form of her name. Their name causes in your head no extreme romanticised version of what being loved is, but a clear understanding of what you are to be. Date a girl who, no less than, completes you. Date the understanding, that comes with her, of all the solace you've been longing for in quiet thoughts of doubtful solitude.

Date her but throw away all protocol. Who pays, he or she, is not the most important question of all. The most important reason you're together is not to keep a rich, honourable tradition alive. Queens are queens for more reasons more than a King's sacrifice, and sometimes it's not even so. It comes from notions far deeper than plain ol' chivalry. If you're questioning any of them, once you find them, you shouldn't be dating her at all.

Date a girl... wait. No, don't date  a girl at all. Rather, love her. Stay with her, forever. Stay with someone you've found, whom you were looking for because you were looking for someone you will stay with, first. If you've found no one yet, stay on course without a worry as to where she'll be. You should find her someday, where she is. When she finds you, and your paths meet, you'll be all the more ready to stay. You stayed long enough, anyway, to stay all the way.

"You wanna go out on a date." "No, I have a boyfriend."
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