Saturday, January 19, 2013

Darwin is right, because of you.

Man's an animal. We've gone the old academia route to actually establish and tell our children that, way when they are in school. Before they can make a full and complete choice how, and what, they want to make of themselves in life. As this post will prove, even before they can see the potential of humanity otherwise. We layer on that teaching of good moral values and teaching that we must be human - because after all that's what we are.

The truth is that, whether man is a animal or not, man has become one. One with a tie, suit and a business plan. One with a developed knowledge and intelligence that masks his animalistic instincts and gives them a shine before turning them into accolades that generations that follow must aim for. One that has made himself into a self-industrious robot to do more, more and more... more, more and more... more, more and more... and more like that... always and ever more - else life is meaningless.

We have become that which our natural fate is, despite being given the intelligence to identify it. That indeed makes us no less than animals. Animals follow that religious cycle, generation after generation after generation. You don't tell a lion to think of the suffering he inflicts on the next organism in the food chain. He just eats it and everyone down the line plays their subsequent role in the chain. The lion has no clue what he's doing, but he's driven by hunger and gets what he wants when he's hungry (and I'm sure even angry) even if he has to do it himself. He's an animal. That's what animals do. They simply do what they do. They're not plagued by a morality. So they don't make choices on moral bases. They're wired. They are nature's version of robots.

That's what we've made ourselves into. Robots. We also just do what we do because that's what we do. Only thing: with that little layer of morality around us, we divide out animalistic tendencies into a few negative and a thousand fold more positives. The negative ones keep us from a complete moral collapse - more psychological than anything else. They make us feel good. The positive divisions are where the animal in us kicks in, creeps in and infests silently.

Darwin's idea seems to make more sense to us than the natural world it seems, with consequences it poses and costs it incurs - except that we call those 'unavoidable' costs. Some, we have become hardened to over time as well. We, in our unconscious animalistic response, endorse the survival of the fittest theory, mostly unconsciously. We endorse it with ways that seem way more noble than they actually are. We've been washed over by the greed that capitalist and corporate principles have bought us over with. Who paid the tab? Our ego, selfishness and pride, and they're squeezing every bit of the price out of our souls, again, without us knowing.

We're like that metaphorical horse with the carrot hanging in front of it. The dream is achievement. In case you're wondering what achievement - any achievement. Anything that's pretty and backward proves your industriousness. Anything that's more than the last, better than the other guy (or the the guy you expect to beat you), fancier than you've ever seen yet... we're basically entertaining ourselves through and through. Only a well-to-do generation can afford that, like a more or less well to do urban yuppy rich kid who hits the mall and goes shopping every now and then because his pop made that kinda money making the career on the exact principles I'm describing. He (and we) barely need half of it, even if there weren't people who die in most other parts of the world who don't even have food to eat. Even if that wasn't true, we'd still have better non-(self)entertaining ways to use our resources as a generation of individuals who uplift the human in us (because that's what we are - humans) and serve needs and facilitate holistic growth of individuals, who are capable of much more than just toeing the line of that evil seed which is planted in us - not just mere augmentative growth.           
Our marketing strategies are only reflective of how we so easily recluse into that animal zone, with everyone else as well. When hungry, eat. When desire, get. Dream and achieve regardless of what principlic precedents you set for the world. Live like the world's yours to conquer while it's all yours to take - and the rat race helps build competition. It may make you bleed but it strengthens you to be stronger to do and achieve more and more and more.

Will we stop this mad cyclic rat race? Till when will we still 'follow our passion' because of switches that have been turned on in our heads? Till when will our minds be made of switches that people can switch on once they key in on our animalistic weakness with their animalistic connivery and support their actions with perfectly noble excuses? We gleefully run to the next thing that can buy us over, like criticizing a movie before it is even made because the director didn't choose to have your favourite stars in it. While he wanted to introduce you to a whole new world, you wanted him to entertain you.

The tragedy of the world, as a result of this, is that we live in a fulfilling economy, not a contributive one. It's advancements only provide replacements, or upgrades, that is while they are trying to fix its inherent flawed state and natural liabilities. It's not one which is, or that is allowed to be, representative of each of our potential. One particular statistic is the mismatch between the particular academic expertise and career choosing - most of us go for the moolah, which is there mostly in the service industry. It is only natural that an already existent/hidden client base funds an industry - but that just spins the same old circle faster and it's one of the most important cogs in the nation's moneymaking machine. A lot of these people are of potential that is more than just  the various levels of service jobs they do. Some are hidden artists, writers, creative people whose expertise can span so many levels of human requirement, entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas and so many other kinds of people... but they all simply, for a career, service the billions who give the moolah because the moolah is what we want right? Of course, it has its tags - prestige, respect, status, 'getting somewhere in life'. What is irking is that their mode of servicing the billions is not through breakthrough ideas that come from the breakthrough human potential but through glorified basic sales reasoning, masks over the consumer's face and conniving enticement to their minds to put money in the banks of the few who run the world and pay the bills.    

If one did notice, capitalism and the theory I purport have much in common - except they end up at opposite ends. One purports extreme individualism. Every man has the right to become what he wished and must be given the equal means to. He's the saviour of the world who actually provides the jobs - him and other folk like him. The system's all based on merit and trods on more people than it can ever amount to benefiting. The other is also individualistic in nature but it puts the hope of the world being all that it can be on each individual - their potential, insight, courage and confidence in their individual potential, held together against what it can holistically do to the world and how it can progress both the individual and man on principles that are human and not animalistic. Those that set precedents that allow us to reach the pinnacle of our human capability and score for the world in contributing to it while we build ourselves simultaneously - and not go right back to our animals ways, however glorified the day and age has made them.         

So, Darwin is right, because of you. You choose where to side, and only you can.

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