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Sign here, please, before you run and politic (1)

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Society isn't free. There's always a catch. While you don't pay to get in, you pay as you indulge (cue most of social media). Your entry's marked with a baby fingerprint, and by that you've consented to all terms and conditions that came along with it. Every one. Now don't go asking where this record is, but it's somewhere. By the time you've figured this out, you're locked in and you can't get out, but it isn't as bad as it sounds.

What we've consented to is far from the life were living today. That's because no one's read the terms and conditions, ever. We were thrust in clueless and we just made do. "Let's stop life till we understand it", said no human ever. All of the structures we function within were all made on the go. And when we figure that out, they've usually overstayed their usefulness. The only reason they're still here is because, for some reason, the older generation makes more decisions than the younger ones. Let's understand the fine print were missing in our idea of politics today.

The Genesis

Politics is a habit as old as time, starting since men and women gathered and started living in communities, and it has only gotten better since. It's everywhere—in relationships, communities, organizations, families and every other place where there are two or more people. Soon enough, it becomes second nature-so much that we barely recognize what we're doing when at it.

Why would we? We've been normalized to it, by design, from when we could ever sense anything remotely meaningful. It just didn't have a name in our minds. With our inknowleged (baby) fingerprint on a dotted line, we've been inducted into this strange behaviour, and, it seems like, that we haven't even tried to adapt to it for centuries. Not once have we cared to read the fine or main print. Instead, we abuse it with ignorance, even when it catches us unawares.

With all the chaos that has come from our blind strategy, it is high time we start paying attention to the print, both fine and glaring. We're practically shooting in the dark when we seek any peace and order through it.

There is a science to the phenomena. It always has to do with some form of deprivation. Mother-in-laws feel (arguably) deprived of anything between power, control and authority. Company bosses feel deprived of being anywhere from the one with enough spotlight on them to having their egos massaged as much as they want. Communities feel attacked, sometimes because the changes around put them in defense mode (especially if they are smaller and/or less exposed ones).

When all these people, and more, can't get what they're after, they adopt tactics to ensure that they will, since simply asking is no more a solution. Other times (the way they perceive it), it's bad enough that they have to ask at all. It's an all out battle of pride first, among other things. Whatever the guise, people band together when they have a cause to and give it a shape and a name—resident welfare associations, unions, industry associations, ideology and culture groups/clubs, Facebook groups etc., while some are one person armies (who sometimes can put a whole group to shame).

Most of us don't understand why we practice the specific politics we do. It's a response that is overwhelming to us as we practice it and, in ages of humanity, we have never stopped to think or analyse why. When we rarely do understand and practice it, it's far more rationalised, reasonable and sane.

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