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While the democratic core is vibrant and exploding, it isn't the case of thinking magically becoming law. It's here that ideas form and are influenced, discussed and hopefully tested. Ideas that work on the ground aren't unicorn-like. They are sometimes dumbed down from larger concepts but it's better to have a bigger ideal to start with. They can always be made better over time. Most universally accepted views of how things ought to be are always balanced on one side. They serve one master and make the rest servants. Pick one and it will be easy to see.

A good system serves everyone equally. Some argue, equally at their needs first. Others argue that that's too basic and it should be more competitive so that humans are naturally incentivized to do better, than be complacent. All these and many, many other ideas and sub-ideas are floating till one of them proves to be a better fit for a solution.

All of this converts into law and living reality when we evolve to a view that we find best, vote for someone or a party that promises to make that a reality and hope that they deliver. But these answers are not simple and never have been. Many assumptions we make about best answers are just the ones we are used to seeing or which we have been taught to be so. The ones we have adopted have become our reference points. They aren't necessarily the best ones. We just need to test them till they have the least unwanted consequences, or lesser ones.

Mix and match

Society is like a game of blocks. You can position its many facets in many ways. Each method has its own set of benefits and balance. Since life's got to go on, we can't wait to decide how to structure it. It takes after the easiest structure possible. We are hence born into one without choice and can change the positions of the blocks for the better before we die. With each generation, we get a chance to change this for the better, or worse.

But the crazies don't get this. They are not able to accept a difference in views, or submission to a process that isn't crazy enough for them. Instead, they resort to drastic methods to crush, stop, and quieten voices that are against their ideas. They seem to believe that submitting to the process will subvert the change that they think India needs, and it needs extra intervention. They think that since they are right their ideas will only save the nation, hence the hurry to ensure its success. They have different names in different political environments but they're basically the exact same.

The whole purpose is to gather these ideas, and check, compare, and conclude which should make it to action one day. The way it works is we go through this process, and there needn't be only one conclusion. People can be split on the best verdict. The core throws out this conclusion, in any form, one verdict or multiple verdicts and that's how we can confidently say that this what India indeed thinks. We get it from the horse's mouth.

The freedom in the core is about realistic ideas and unicorn ideas-basically any idea that springs from the reality which an Indian gets up in the morning, every morning, and identifies with. That's the qualifier. It allows everything from the crappy to the brilliant. This allows every individual to remain important, learn and teach, correct themselves and get corrected, and grow. There are no special privileges. There is obviously common sense, reason and wisdom that comes with time and age as well. This sets a few mostly self-understood rules and zones. They define what should be allowed and what shouldn't.

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